Dell pushes security, devops integration in storage updates

Dell’s storage product line is poised to receive a wide range of updates, including devops integrations with Ansible and Terraform tools, compliance with the latest US government security standards, zero-trust readiness, and far more.

PowerStore, Dell’s line of flash-based storage arrays, is getting the lion’s share of security updates, according to an announcement from Dell on Wednesday. Dell said the PowerStore now features STIG hardening, meaning it meets federal government standards for its own networks. PowerStore also received secure and immutable snapshot technology, which should make recoveries more reliable and harder to compromise. Also added are multi-factor authentication, simplified file resiliency (which adds more system-mounted snapshots), and direct file permission management from PowerStore.

PowerStore gets added backup options

The system also received native integration into Dell’s PowerProtect data management system, further strengthening end-user data protection and backup options. The company said the idea here is to offer more compression in backups and easier configuration options. Integration with open source frameworks Ansible and Terraform allows devops workers to use the PowerStore system natively, meaning they can design automated processes for storage provisioning “without low-level coding,” Dell said . (Ansible support was also added for Dell’s Unity XT hybrid storage offering.)

Other enhancements to the company’s storage portfolio include native air-vacuum support for the PowerMax mission-critical storage system, improved NVMe and TCP for the PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure platform, and a performance of improved S3 object storage to ObjectScale. Finally, the company’s ClouIdIQ AIOps software will receive VMware integration.

The enhancements to PowerStore, according to Gartner Senior Director Analyst Jeff Vogel, essentially meet the requirements of business-critical applications for midsize enterprise customers.

“For PowerFlex, it is an important and modern cloud-like architecture for elastic and scalable software-defined hybrid infrastructure platform storage that can take advantage of end-to-end NVMe fabric-based infrastructure over TCP” , he said. “This new architecture unites enterprise storage with standard Ethernet-based networking, reducing infrastructure costs and simplifying the environment.”

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In recent news, Dell is showing a commitment to keeping their customers secure and bringing the best of DevOps capabilities to their storage solutions. With the recent launch of their XtremIO X2 All-Flash Array, the company is taking a new approach to protecting customer data.

Dell’s XtremIO X2 All-Flash Array increases performance while decreasing complexity. It improves latency, performance and scalability while reducing operational expenditure and operational complexity. It also helps customers maintain simplicity while they move workloads between public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

The All-Flash Array integrates security to ensure customer data is safe as it moves. It encrypts data at-rest and in-flight no matter where the data moves and is hosted. Additionally, Dell has enhanced the unified cloud visibility and analytics that are included in the solution. This increases the end users’ ability to monitor and secure the platform.

In order to support devOps efforts and drive innovation, Dell is also simplifying provisioning and orchestration of environment automation with CloudForms. The multi-vendor, hybrid cloud management solution provides integration with enterprise IT tools and methodologies such as DevOps. CloudForms helps reduce complexity and manual processes for customers, allowing them to increases their agility and responsiveness.

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