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Project Overview

TOYKGO Sushi Bar, a charming dining spot in Nottingham, partnered with Ikaroa to enhance their online presence through a strategic website redesign focused on search engine optimization (SEO) and innovative customer service solutions. This transformation included the integration of Open Doors AI, revolutionizing how TOYKGO interacts with its customers and manages its digital footprint.


TOYKGO Sushi Bar required a sophisticated online platform that could not only attract more visitors through organic search but also provide exceptional service to its patrons online. The primary challenges were improving their search engine visibility and streamlining customer interactions, particularly in managing reservations and responding to customer inquiries efficiently.


SEO-Driven Website Redesign:
– Rebuilt TOYKGO’s website with a heavy focus on on-page SEO techniques, including keyword optimization tailored to the food and beverage sector, enhancing the site’s metadata, and improving site structure for better user engagement and search engine crawling.
– Enhanced the visual appeal of the site with professional photography of the cuisine and the restaurant, paired with a user-friendly layout that reflects TOYKGO’s welcoming atmosphere.

AI Integration with Open Doors AI:
– Integrated Open Doors AI to automate and personalize customer interactions, from handling reservations to answering FAQs about menu items and operating hours. This AI tool uses advanced algorithms from GoHighLevel, adapted to maintain TOYKGO’s unique brand voice.
– Set up systems to manage online reviews effectively, using AI to prompt satisfied customers to share their experiences, boosting TOYKGO’s reputation locally.


The redesigned website, combined with AI-driven customer service capabilities, significantly enhanced TOYKGO’s online visibility and operational efficiency. The restaurant has seen a marked increase in online reservations and customer engagement, with improved search rankings drawing more traffic to the site. The AI integration has been instrumental in providing a seamless and responsive user experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

Future Steps

TOYKGO plans to continue leveraging the latest digital technologies to enhance customer experience and expand its online marketing strategies. Ikaroa is committed to supporting TOYKGO’s ongoing digital evolution, ensuring that the sushi bar remains a top choice for diners in Nottingham and beyond.


Rebuild a unified and responsive website to help compliment the brand and enhance the web presence in Nottingham. Our key mission was to ensure the website ranks page one on Google for relevant keywords and retain the ranking.

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