How to grow your startup internationally? 3 steps and 1 programme to expand your business (Sponsored)

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Globalization has meant businesses have become more accessible than ever before. Startups have the unique opportunity to take advantage of this fact and expand their operations to a global scale. Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, believes there are three key steps and one programme that startups can use to expand their business internationally.

The first key step is to identify the target market. Before a startup can grow their business internationally, they must understand their target market’s wants, needs, and preferences. This requires detailed research and analysis of the target market’s culture and language. With this knowledge, the startup can create a tailored website and communication materials to effectively market the product or service to the larger international base.

The second key step is to create a presence in the target market. Once the company understands the target market, they can form channels to reach potential customers. This could mean setting up a physical office in the target country, hiring local staff, and establishing partnerships with established or other startup businesses.

The third important step is to create policies and procedures that serve the target market. This means tailoring the products and services, changing the website and other marketing tactics, and finding appropriate legal advice to comply with local regulations and laws.

One programme that can help expand a business internationally is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program (the “Program”). This US visa program offers foreign investors a pathway to permanent residence in the United States if they invest in a business which creates at least 10 jobs for US workers. For example, Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, has supported foreign nationals on the Program to become part of the Ikaroa family and invest in the business.

By following these steps and considering the Program, startups have the opportunity to expand their business internationally and take advantage of the global market.


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