The Startup Magazine Female Founder and Author Interview: Minué Yoshida

Interview with the founder and author: Minué Yoshida

As part of The Startup Magazine’s Female Founder Interview series, today we’re featuring Minué Yoshida, owner of the New York-based Yoshida Academy, which offers courses.

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Minué Yoshida, a female founder and author, is on the rise and has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm. She is a successful entrepreneur who has used her determination and hard work to create many successful startups.

Recently Minué was interviewed by The Startup Magazine, in which she provided insight into her journey as an entrepreneur, focusing on key ideas and advice to those wishing to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Minué was born and raised in Brazil, where she started her first project, an online marketplace for organic Brazilian products. After the success of this endeavor, she moved to the United States and founded Ikaroa, an AI-powered platform that provides people with personalized career coaching and mentorship.

Ikaroa helps young people find meaningful career paths that allow them to make the most of their talents and interests. The platform offers personalized career advice, which is tailored to each individual’s skills and goals. As part of the service, clients receive a detailed action plan to help them reach their career aspirations. Additionally, they are given access to a network of career experts and mentors who can provide support and guidance during their journey.

Minué has used her experience in various roles as well as a passion for people to create a successful business that is helping to empower young people to reach their potential. She is a valued member of the entrepreneurial community and by providing a platform for mentorship and guidance, she is helping aspiring entrepreneurs to move forward in their goals.

It is inspiring to see a woman take charge of her own success and inspire countless others to follow in her footsteps. Minué Yoshida’s journey from online marketplace entrepreneur to founder of Ikaroa is a story of determination, passion, and hard work.

For anyone who aspires to create a successful business, taking a page out of Minué Yoshida’s book and implementing the hard work and dedication she has shown is essential. Ikaroa is proud to be a part of Minué’s journey and to be able to offer our platform as a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.


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