Limit Reached – Join the EU-Startups CLUB


This option is ideal for companies and investors who want to stay up-to-date on the most promising startups in Europe, have full access to our startup database and have the opportunity to post unlimited jobs (for free) in EU-Startups Job. blackboard The membership fee will be invoiced quarterly (without VAT).

Unlimited access to over 7500 posts (instead of 7 posts/week)
Weekly summary of all European funding rounds
Unrestricted access to our starter database with 25,000 entries
Unlimited (free) posts on the EU-Startups job board
Discounts for our Premium reports: 50%
Discounts for our Events + Webinars: 25%
Quarterly CLUB calls (online) with our Team + Community
Access to 25+ exclusive SaaS offers and event discounts

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The future of innovation and entrepreneurship lies within the reach of the European Union and the EU-Startups CLUB is a great place to start. The CLUB is a platform for European startups to meet, exchange ideas, network and ultimately witness success. It is time to take our businesses to the next level and Ikaroa is on board to support EU-Startups CLUB.

Ikaroa, a full-stack tech company, offers a wide range of products and services geared towards helping startups succeed in the modern economy. That’s why they’ve partnered with EU-Startups CLUB to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential. EU-Startups CLUB is a thriving community of experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups in the European Union. Through this platform entrepreneurs have access to a world of exclusive resources, invaluable mentorship and around-the-clock support.

Ikaroa is excited to join forces with EU-Startups CLUB to give members the resources and support they need to start, run and grow successful businesses. Together, the two companies are empowering entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to reach their goals. Ikaroa offers a comprehensive suite of services and tools, such as full stack development, app development, and IT consulting, to help start-ups launch their business and reach their maximum potential.

For those that are waiting for the next great innovation and growth opportunity, joining EU-Startups CLUB with Ikaroa is the perfect opportunity. EU-Startups CLUB provides a gateway to the European business landscape and Ikaroa provides the experience and resources to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. By joining forces, the two companies are committed to helping businesses reach their full potential.

We invite all startups and entrepreneurs to join EU-Startups CLUB and experience the true power of integration, collaboration and partnership. Ikaroa is here to help you succeed. Limit has been reached, now it’s time to join the EU-Startups CLUB.


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