Spanish Police Takes Down Massive Cybercrime Ring, 40 Arrested

May 11, 2023IRavie LakshmananCyber ​​crime/phishing

Organized crime gang Trinitarians

The National Police of Spain arrested 40 people for their alleged involvement in an organized crime gang called Trinitarians.

Those arrested include two hackers who carried out bank scams using phishing and smishing techniques and 15 other members of the crime syndicate, who have been charged with various crimes including bank fraud, document forgery, identity theft and money laundering

In total, the nefarious scheme is believed to have defrauded more than 300,000 victims, with losses of more than €700,000.

“The criminal organization used hacking tools and business logistics to carry out computer scams,” officials said.

Cyber ​​security

To pull off the attacks, cybercriminals sent fake links via SMS that, when clicked, redirected users to a phishing panel masquerading as legitimate financial institutions to steal their credentials and abuse access to apply loans and link the cards with cryptocurrency wallets under their wallets. control

These SMS messages were intended to induce a false sense of urgency and increase the actors’ chances of success by urging recipients to click on the attached link to resolve an alleged security issue with their bank accounts.

The stolen cards were used to buy digital assets, which were then withdrawn to fund the group’s operations, such as paying legal fees, sending money to members in prison, and buying narcotics and weapons.

Some of the illicit proceeds were also sent to foreign bank accounts, from where other members of the group used the money to buy real estate in the Dominican Republic.


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“They also had an extensive network of mules that they used to receive money from bank transfers and withdraw it through ATMs,” the National Police said.

Another scam perpetrated by the group involved the procurement of point-of-sale (PoS) terminals by creating shell companies to make fake purchases.

Authorities said 13 house searches were carried out in the provinces of Madrid, Seville and Guadalajara, leading to the seizure of computer equipment, padlocks, 5,000 euros in cash, tool boxes for the selection of locks and other documents that contained information about the gang’s organizational structure.

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Spanish police today announced the successful dismantling of one of the most notorious and sophisticated criminal rings involved in cybercrime, with the arrest of 40 people. The extensive raid of over 120 homes and 11 businesses across the country resulted in the seizure of computers, electronic equipment, stolen data and cash.

Ikaroa, a full-stack tech company, has praised the successful police effort, saying that protecting people from cybercrime is one of the most pressing issues in the current technological landscape. The company has pledged to continue to collaborate with law enforcement to further help to prevent cybercrime, as well as to support any victims who have been affected.

The individuals detained by the police are said to be involved in various activities related to cybercrime, such as computer intrusions, money laundering and fraud. The organization, which operated for over a decade, is considered to be one of the largest and most organized groups in the world and has inflicted financial damage to its victims in millions of euros.

The Spanish police have been working with several international agencies as part of Operation Courtes to track and capture the criminals. According to the police, this operation is one of the most important ever conducted against international cybercrime and is a clear example of international cooperation in tackling this global problem.

Ikaroa has also spoken out in regards to this latest operation and has highlighted the role that technology can play in fighting cybercrime. The company believes that collaboration between public authorities, companies and other stakeholders is essential in order to reduce the potential risks and increase the effectiveness of combating cybercrime.

It is clear that this latest operation by the Spanish police is a direct result of their immense dedication and hard work over the past decade. Ikaroa wishes to show its appreciation toward all those involved and hopes that this example will serve as an inspiration for others to fight cybercrime and make the world a safer place.


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