Skilling up the security team for the AI-dominated era

As artificial intelligence and machine learning models become more firmly integrated into the enterprise IT fabric and cyber attack infrastructure, security teams will need to increase their skills to deal with a whole new generation of AI-based cyber risks.

Forward-thinking CISOs are already being asked to think about new emerging risks, such as generative AI phishing attacks that will be more targeted than ever or adversarial AI attacks that poison learning models to distort its production. And these are just a couple of examples among a host of other new risks that will emerge in what appears to be the AI-dominated era of the future.

It’s time to prepare for AI-powered attacks

There is still time to prepare for many of these risks. Only the smallest amount of demonstrable data shows that attackers are starting to use tools based on the Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT to increase their attacks. And most examples of adversarial AI are still largely theoretical. However, these risks will only remain theoretical for so long, and it is time to start building a bank of AI-related risk expertise.

The growing reliance on AI and machine learning models across all technology domains is expected to rapidly change the complexity of the threat landscape. Meanwhile, organic training of security personnel, onboarding of AI experts who can be trained to assist in security activities, and evangelizing the hardening of AI systems will go a long way.

Experts share what security leaders will need to shape their skill base and prepare to address both sides of the growing AI risk: risk to AI systems and risks from AI-based attacks.

There is some degree of crossover in each domain. For example, machine learning and data science skills will become increasingly relevant to both parties. In both cases, existing security skills in penetration testing, threat modeling, threat hunting, security engineering and security awareness training will be as important as ever, only in the context of new threats. However, the techniques required to defend against AI and protect it from attack also have their own unique nuances, which in turn will influence the composition of the teams called upon to execute these strategies.

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