The Startup Magazine Franci Neely Shares the Surprising Traits That Made Her a Good Trial Lawyer

Interview with the founder and author: Minué Yoshida

As part of The Startup Magazine’s Female Founder Interview series, today we’re featuring Minué Yoshida, owner of the New York-based Yoshida Academy, which offers courses.

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Franci Neely, founder of Startup Magazine, has quickly established herself as a world-renowned trial lawyer but has also identified some unexpected traits that have helped her succeed. In a recent interview, Neely noted that having the ability to read people quickly, staying organized in the courtroom, and engaging with her clients were all necessary skills in her role.

Neely notes that her ability to quickly read people has allowed her to identify critical facts in a case in order to craft a more successful argument. She credits these skills to her years of experience in trial law and says it’s one trait that has allowed her to stay one step ahead of her opponents. Neely explains that her legal team is also part of the success; they are organized, well-prepared, and keep an eye out for any important details.

Finally, Neely emphasizes the importance of engaging with people, both inside and outside the courtroom. She encourages lawyers to be more than just representatives and to be actively involved in understanding their clients’ stories and concerns. This engagement helps her create strong bonds with those around her, which she believes is essential for developing trust and understanding.

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