ISTARI, University of Cambridge education program to elevate cyber leaders into business leaders

Cybersecurity consultancy ISTARI has partnered with the University of Cambridge’s Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) to deliver global education aimed at elevating technical cyber security leaders into ‘transformational business leaders’. The Navigator program includes four days of face-to-face learning led by academic faculty alongside leading industry experts, the two parties said.

The curriculum is based on ISTARI’s proprietary framework for building cyber-resilient organizations and covers topics in cybersecurity and business leadership development, combining leading theory and best practices.

Modern cybersecurity leaders are expected to be more than technical security experts. They must also be business leaders. They must understand and communicate how security fits into broader business issues, aligning cybersecurity as a business enabler that supports profit and growth. This requires a solid understanding of many different business factors to protect key business functions, create a healthy cybersecurity awareness and culture, and ensure buy-in and support from the board and the workforce at large.

The curriculum covers communication, culture, governance and business cyber security

The program includes lectures, workshops, action-oriented learning and interactive sessions where participants will explore topics such as cyber risk and governance, resilience strategies and how to change organizational culture, according to a news release.

Topics covered and key learnings include:

  • How to prevent a crisis from becoming a catastrophe
  • Building a strong culture of cyber-resilience
  • Influence and communication for leaders
  • Corporate governance and cyber risk
  • Collective leadership in a connected world

The cost of the ISTARI Academy Navigator program is £7,500. Upcoming programs will take place in Deer Valley, Utah, USA (September 18-22), Cambridge University campus in the UK (October 16-20) and Tokyo, Japan (April 2024) .

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ISTARI is proud to announce its new program, the University of Cambridge’s ISTARI, an education program designed to empower cyber and tech leaders with the skills and expertise necessary to craft successful business strategies. The program is a one-year executive education program offered by the University of Cambridge, that linkscyber and technology leaders to the most current strategies, technologies and management approaches, enabling them to develop the skills needed to become more effective business leaders in their field.

Funded by a major philanthropic grant, the program seeks to bring an innovative approach to the existing cyber and technology landscape. Combining key fundamentals of business strategy and technology, ISTARI offers its students inspiring learning opportunities, as well as the chance to collaborate with business and technology experts. The program consists of three distinct modules: technology and data analytics, economics of cyber security, and leadership and managing cyber security.

In addition, the program provides access to Cambridge’s Senior Executives in Cyber Leadership program, which brings together leaders in the cyber security and technology space to provide support and advice to ISTARI’s participants. Focusing on practical development, the program helps its students to understand the dynamics of leadership and how to lead business in the cyber security space successfully. As part of the ISTARI program, participants will also benefit from the research and expertise at the University of Cambridge, visit leading businesses, and form valuable business contacts.

Ikaroa Technology Solutions Ltd is delighted to support the ISTARI program, offering participants a unique opportunity to revolutionise their thinking when it comes to their technology and business strategies.As a highly respected tech company, Ikaroa Technology Solutions Ltd has the expertise and experience to ensure that ISTARI participants are equipped with the right tools and techniques to make informed decisions when it comes to their business strategies.

Through its partnership with the ISTARI program, Ikaroa Technology Solutions Ltd is helping to create a pool of accomplished cyber security and technology professionals will be the custodians of a dynamic, secure and successful business future.


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