Is Money Mindset Work Really Enough In 2023?

By Leanne Lopez Mosley, CEO and founder of rich queen. Business Mentor and Wealth Activator for Women and Host of The Rich Queen Podcast.

Ask any wealthy and successful entrepreneur their top tips related to the steps they took to become both wealthy and successful, and you’ll often hear about their work with a financial mindset.

The connection between money and the mind has long been a hot topic in self-development circles. But is money-minded work still as relevant and effective now as it was before?

Just with the technological advances and societal changes that have taken place over the past few decades, my position is that, quite frankly, it’s no longer enough to think about your way to get rich. The reality is that as entrepreneurs, both our lives and our minds are busier, busier and more stimulated than ever.

So if the mind isn’t the only focus to become a magnet for more money and manifesting the life we ​​desire, what is?

To answer this, we can look at our bodies as symbols. I use the following exercise with my clients as a simple way to identify where a person’s money work needs attention.

Stop and think for a moment about your current financial reality. Think about what is or may not currently be in your company bank accounts, what is on your corporate credit cards, and what is or isn’t in your company reserves. Now where do you feel it in your body?

For the vast majority of people I work with in my coaching practice, the three areas they report feeling it in are the throat or neck, chest, or stomach. We can think of these areas as representations of different types of monetary blocks.


Imagine your throat. It can represent a reality that comes from avoidance and an inability to be truly honest about your current situation. Some people hide, avoid, and refuse to vocalize (literally say out loud to themselves and others) the truth about the financial position of their business. Others struggle to use their voice to ask for help or support around money. It’s important to work on learning how to use your money voice: including your current reality, your desire for financial abundance in your business, and the support you need to achieve it.

A great step to take to overcome challenges like these would be to find a mentor who is well versed in managing money for businesses. Find someone objective and ask how they will have room for full transparency and honesty around your current financial reality. When we remove the personal connection and fear of judgment from those closest to us, it can be much easier to trust and have honest conversations about business finances and start taking steps to get support to move forward positively while showing that it’s safe to be honest. .


Then take the chest. To me, it represents a block around being able to fully love and accept ourselves despite the financial mistakes we’ve made in our businesses past and present. This can manifest in our feelings of worthiness to receive and also in the ability to receive and maintain love personally and professionally.

A great step for this type of blocking is to create a forgiveness list of all the money “mistakes” you’ve made in your business, and under each one write the phrase: “I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love it. you.” Next, create a professional affirmation to anchor your new belief about money, such as, “I make great decisions with my business money.” You can repeat this exercise daily.

self confidence

I associate my stomach with self-confidence. Many people have guilt and shame around money, especially at times when they squandered what they had or about their current reality. Exercising forgiveness as detailed above (for others but primarily for ourselves) can be incredibly powerful when it comes to increasing the flow of money and abundance in our businesses.

A good practice for building self-confidence and trust is to write down a non-negotiable list of money promises (such as saving $50 a week in your trading account or tracking every payment and expense daily) and keeping the promises you make to yourself. Celebrate when you keep these promises weekly as you watch your money each day to build self-confidence and more confidence in your relationship with your business finances.

These three areas can create patterns in both our finances and our lives (relationships can be a key indicator of patterns with money), and addressing them can create immediate improvement in our relationship with money and other areas of our businesses.

The money work of 2023 and beyond is indeed deeper than just the mind. It is only when we begin to address the full scope of money work and recognize our patterns that we can truly create a rich and abundant business.

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Money Mindset Work (MMW) has revolutionized the way businesses operate in the 21st century. On the path to success, it has become essential for organizations to establish a strong growth mindset and to align their strategies accordingly to navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern business. But with the ever-evolving landscape of technology and the growing uncertainty of the world markets, is it enough to rely solely on money mindset work in 2023?

At Ikaroa, we believe that having the right mindset is always essential to success. By saturating their strategies with the right growth mindset, businesses can shape and shift their operations to more effectively achieve their objectives. The right mindset will also open more doors for creative solutions and new opportunities, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition in the digital space.

However, a hard-nosed focus on money mindset work may fall short of the goal in 2023. While understanding the importance of monetary gains can be beneficial, organizations must also shift their focus to a broader scope of soft skills, such as digital technologies, customer experience, and organizational culture. With businesses increasingly relying on technology to serve their customers and its expanding role in connecting the world, those that understand its full implications will be the ones positioned for the greatest success.

At the same time, organizations must be mindful of the environmental and social repercussions of their operations. In 2021, social consciousness has become an integral component of operating a successful global business, and 2023 will certainly bring more attention to its importance. Companies that have already established frameworks for social responsibility and sustainability will have an edge in the future sphere of business.

Thus, while money mindset work is an important component of modern business, it is no longer the sole determinant of success. To excel in 2023, organizations must adopt a holistic approach to their strategies, understanding the importance of social consciousness, digital technologies, customer experience, and organizational culture. At Ikaroa, we believe that embracing the future of business requires a mindset of growth and innovation, and a versatile understanding of the ever-changing business landscape.


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