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New member of the family for the medium power range up to approx. 100 W: The compact dimensions of the MC3603 make it particularly suitable for integration into equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications.

FAULHABER has added another extremely compact housingless motion controller to its product range. The new motion controller is ideal for integration into equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications. With 36 V and 3 A (maximum current 9 A), it covers the power range up to approx. 100 W and is suitable for encoder DC motors, brushless drives or linear motors.

Miniature motors and micromotors only become a reliable drive system when combined with the appropriate motion controller. That is why the wide range of motors offered by the drive specialist FAULHABER (see company chart) includes a wide selection of motion controllers designed in different power classes with or without casing for a wide variety of applications. Now there is a new addition to the family of caseless motion controllers: the MC3603 (Fig. 1), which due to its compact size is ideal for integration in equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications. With 36 V and 3 A (maximum current 9 A), the new motion controller covers the medium power range up to approx. 100 W. It is suitable for “normal” DC motors with encoder, brushless drives and linear motors. The encoder I/O options and interfaces are the same as the rest of the product family. USB, RS232, CANopen and EtherCAT are available for communication. The Motion Controller now has the new “M” firmware version. To ensure a simple and convenient system configuration, the latest update (version 6.9) of FAULHABER Motion Manager must be used.

EMC compliant design for all motion controllers
With the introduction of the new MC 3603, motion controllers now cover the full range of typical miniature motor and micromotor applications (Fig. 2), starting with the MC 3001 size stamp with 30 W and 1 A (maximum current of 2A). up to the MC 5010, the largest member of the family with 10 A (peak current 30 A), designed for installation in distribution cabinets and tested mainly in the industrial sector. All motion controllers comply with current EMC regulations. That’s why unit specialists have explored this complex topic in great detail. Not only has the hardware been properly optimized, but the documentation has also been redesigned to provide users with the best possible support while certifying their own devices.

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Today, Ikaroa is proud to announce the launch of our latest product – TechToday. With this new addition to our medium-power range, families and individuals can now experience the comfortable and convenient power for all their portable devices in one package.

The TechToday arrives easily with pre-installed safety measures and a genuine, powerful and efficient battery that fits snugly into the family or individual’s lifestyle. With the assistance of an Inbuilt USB charging cord, users are guaranteed an endless source of power throughout their day.

For a long time, portable device users have been frustrated with the limitations of adjusting to different charging options while travelling or on-the-go. But, this obstacle is now over with the power of the all-in-one solution – TechToday by Ikaroa.

The TechToday also comes with a large variety of power outputs, ranging from 5V to 24V – ensuring that every device, no matter how ‘low-powered’ receives the best power possible, allowing users to not be tied down to a single output or a single device.

So if you are looking for a dependable and reliable source of power for all your portable needs, then the TechToday by Ikaroa should be your number one choice. Experience convenience, efficiency and power at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.


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