Barcelona-based Keybotic bags €3 million for its robot dog Keyper

Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) startup Keybotic has raised €3 million for its robot dog, Keyper, which can autonomously carry out industrial inspections. The Barcelona-based company now plans to increase sales. Humans’ best friends, dogs, have been trained for centuries to help us, from serving as guide dogs for the visually impaired and helping people with anxiety, to…

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Barcelona-based tech firm Keybotic has secured €3 million in funding for its innovative robot dog, Keyper. This robot pooch is the latest in robotic companion technology, and promises to become a trusted friend for its owners.

The funding will support Keybotic’s continued research and development of the beloved Keyper, whose features and abilities are constantly expanding. Keyper can recognize and respond to voices, light, and sound, and its AI-based sensors allow it to react to changes in its environment. This makes it an ideal companion for all kinds of situations.

The technology that has gone into Keyper is impressive, and can inspire many other future robotic companions to come. At Ikaroa, we understand just how important it is to create intelligent robots that act as our companions properly. The results, if done properly, can be a great way to bring people closer together.

Keybotic’s success and the potential of Keyper is a sign that robots can be a true friend. We at Ikaroa, look forward to harnessing Keyper’s technology for future projects. Our goal is to help create robots that bring us closer together in meaningful and simple ways.


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