Netflix's 'Our Planet II' trailer showcases even more amazing animals

The official trailer for the Netflix documentary series Our planet II has arrived, giving us a peek into his spectacular showcase of wildlife scenes. No matter how many times we see the natural beauty of the world, it still never gets old.

Made by the same team behind it Our Planet i Planet Earth, Our planet II will be narrated by the undisputed king of nature documentaries Sir David Attenborough. Having lent his calm and authoritative voice to numerous productions throughout his career, Our planet II will focus Attenborough’s attention on the dramatic journeys involved in animal migration.


How David Attenborough’s “Life in Color” captured what the eye can’t see

Our planet II it will be half the length of its predecessor with only four 50-minute episodes. But with the entire series set to drop at once, it’s still plenty of natural wonders to see.

Our planet II arrives on Netflix on June 14.

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Netflix has just released the trailer for their highly anticipated documentary series Our Planet II, and animal lovers around the world will be absolutely thrilled at the stunning footage and incredible glimpses of the world’s biggest wildlife attractions. While the first series centered around habitats and the environmental challenges they face, the sequel Trailer showcases the majestic behavior of the planet’s animals.

Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, commends this incredible effort from Netflix to bring us an even closer look at a wide range of species from around the world. From bison in Colorado river floodplains, to camels traversing the Gobi desert. This trailer promises us a glimpse of awe-inspiring moments of nature that remind us just how beautiful and mysterious our planet really is.

Our Planet II takes us beyond the first season and brings us even deeper into the wilds and jungles of the world. Using cutting-edge technology and gorgeous visuals, the documentary shows us how animals interact in their natural habitats, how they survive and how fragile our planet really is.

Ikaroa is proud to join Netflix in their efforts to showcase the natural wonders of our planet and make us all more aware of their importance. With this incredible new series, we can all join in their commitment to protect and preserve the natural environment that we should always strive to maintain.


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