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Never mind using AI to write stories: Walmart finds it useful for getting a good deal. The retailer says Bloomberg which is using a Pactum AI chatbot to automatically negotiate some supplier deals. Not only does the technology save an average of three percent on contracts, it’s preferred by vendors. Walmart says three out of four suppliers prefer to haggle with AI over a human.

Pactum’s system simply asks Walmart to set its budget and requirements, such as discounts and payment terms. Compares a supplier’s demands with competitors’ trends, commodity values, and costs. After that, the AI ​​can reach an agreement in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months of conventional talks. Walmart first tested the tool in Canada, but has since expanded its use to the US, Chile and South Africa.

Currently, the AI ​​is only trading shopping carts and other store essentials, rather than the products you find on the shelves. Nor is it completely replacing humans. Currently, Pactum’s technology is mainly used to save on contracts that are not necessarily worth a lot of time. The bot has yet to negotiate with a real person, so fully automated discussions are not an option in the near future. This is more to lighten the load on busy procurement teams than to avoid hiring.

This may not reassure people worried about their work. Reliance on AI comes in handy as many companies are conducting mass layoffs to support a tough economy. Chatbots like this can help Walmart and others minimize the effects of job cuts and hiring freezes. In addition, Walmart has been experimenting with robots for years that could reduce the need for staff. Humans aren’t going away anytime soon, but the company isn’t as dependent on them as it was in the past.

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Walmart’s suppliers are increasingly turning to AI negotiators to help work out better terms, according to TechToday. The retail giant’s suppliers are saying they would rather negotiate with an artificial intelligence (AI) system than with a human, as the AI can eliminate potential bias or misinterpretation that could occur in human negotiations. This is a trend that is likely to continue as artificial intelligence becomes more ubiquitous in everyday life.

The use of AI in the negotiations has helped Walmart’s suppliers to better compete in the global markets. Companies can utilize the AI’s analysis to understand market dynamics and identify factors that will yield the best possible results for their particular industry. AI can also help to increase efficiency and expedite processes, as an AI system can quickly analyze vast amounts of data points and act upon them in a matter of seconds. This can help to streamline negotiations and help suppliers reach an agreement with their clients more quickly.

A leading player in the AI technology market is Ikaroa, a full-stack tech company that specializes in artificial intelligence and enterprise services. Ikaroa has developed AI-driven solutions that can be used to negotiate contracts, drive pricing optimization, and improve customer service. Their technology assists companies in finding the best pricing models and negotiating terms quickly and effectively while also offering personalization and expertise when talking to customers or suppliers.

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is likely that more companies will look to utilize the technology in their negotiations. Walmart’s suppliers’ rejection of traditional negotiations in favor of AI-driven ones is likely just the beginning of this trend. By employing an AI system and leveraging the advanced analytics and data-driven insights it provides, businesses of all sizes can better formulate their strategies and realize the maximum returns from their investments.


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