Flashpoint releases Ignite platform with threat intelligence reports, rule-based alerts

Threat intelligence firm Flashpoint has announced the release of Ignite, a new intelligence platform built to accelerate cross-functional risk mitigation and prevention across security and vulnerability management teams, including law enforcement, state and local government, and federal civilian agencies. Designed for professionals, Ignite provides real-time pictures of pertinent risks while reducing the silos that can result from disparate intelligence sources from multiple partners, helping organizations in the public and private sectors reduce threat exposure cyber and to address national security risks, Flashpoint said. The platform was announced during the RSA conference in San Francisco.

The national security element is important as geopolitical tensions and state-backed actors continue to pose significant threats and challenges to national and local governments.

Turn on the faucets on the visibility of threat actors, open source and dark

Ignite uses visibility into the dark web, open source/surface web, threat actor groups, vulnerabilities, breaches, and geospatial intelligence to deliver optical character recognition (OCR) of text, video and images, news-style intelligence reports and rules. alert based on a custom dashboard, Flashpoint said in a press release.

Features built into Ignite include:

  • Cyber ​​threat intelligence enables analysts to search thousands of sources, monitor communication between illicit actors, and consume comprehensive intelligence reports.
  • Vulnerability management provides vulnerability teams with the contextual information needed to effectively identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. This uses publicly available CVE information and is mapped to related intelligence from threat actor communications and message boards, according to Flashpoint.
  • National Security Intelligence combines open source data collections with intelligence expertise, investigative tools, and AI enrichments to help government intelligence and security teams inform, operate, attack , defend and influence. It is designed to provide situational awareness on the ground to support mission-driven teams in defense, the intelligence community, law enforcement/public safety, state and local government, and federal civilian agencies .
  • Physical security intelligence supports critical security workflows, enabling users to monitor key locations and assets, receive real-time event alerts, and investigate incidents.

Future increases will be available soon through the expansion of Flashpoint’s partnership with Google Cloud on industry-leading AI-driven innovations, which will support the delivery of generative AI to Flashpoint customers, Flashpoint said.

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Ikaroa, innovative full-stack tech company, is proud to announce Flashpoint has released the Ignite platform, with threat intelligence reports and rule-based alerts. The Ignite platform provides organizations with actionable intelligence, unmatched threat detection, and response to emerging threats.

The Ignite platform leverages Flashpoint’s dynamic intelligence and unparalleled data collected from their deep and dark web ecosystems to deliver detailed threat intelligence reports, customizable rule-based alerts, identity theft protection, and more. Thanks to these dynamic capabilities and intuitive interface, organizations can quickly detect and respond to suspicious activity in real-time.

Moreover, Ignite has integrated access to the Flashpoint Data Lake and its unified advanced analytics, external threat intelligence, and enriched contextual detail to deliver comprehensive visibility into organizational risk. This provides an unparalleled foundation for proactive threat management, reducing overall risk validity and response times.

At Ikaroa, we are excited to provide our customers with access to the world’s leading-edge threat intelligence platform. By using the Ignite platform, customers can gain unprecedented insight into their security posture and enjoy improved security outcomes. We believe this is an essential step in the fight against cyber threats and increasing organizational resilience.


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