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Startup Insurtech covered today announces the launch of professional indemnity and public liability insurance for Australia’s 350,000 nurses. The addition of professional indemnity and public liability insurance for nurses is included in upcover’s allied health cover banner and offers a comprehensive cover option for nurses (RN or EN), nurse practitioners , inpatient nurses, doulas and nursing students.

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for Nurses has been tailored for nurses who require insurance with AHPRA. It covers nurses for activities including IV infusions, cosmetic injectables, bowel cleansing and respite care services and events such as physical injury, errors of judgment, trips, slips and falls, negligence, defamation, bad professional advice, third party damages and breaches of health privacy legislation (for loss of medical records or personal customer or patient information) and has limits of up to $20 million available.

Many nurses may not be aware that the insurance provided by their union is often just a safety net. This is “umbrella” insurance that only provides coverage if nurses have another insurance policy, either from their employer or if they are self-employed with their own policy, which does not respond to a claim. Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for Nurses provides comprehensive insurance needed for members of a nursing union umbrella insurance and will ensure that nurses are covered when they need it most.

Professional indemnity and indemnity insurance for nurses has been adapted for both the self-employed and the private business, and now for employees who are required to take out insurance from their employer. This is the first time covered has offered a product directly to employees, meaning no ABN is required when purchasing. This means more nurses will be able to easily access the cover they need. The policy provides cover Australia-wide, at home or is suitable for full-time, part-time or self-employed nurses and covers whether they work remotely, provide telehealth services or in an institution.

Upcover CEO and co-founder Skye Theodorou said: “We are delighted to launch a product tailored for nurses. Upcover’s Allied Health product covers over 300 health-related occupations. A large proportion of our customers belong to in this category and we are constantly looking for ways to provide useful general advice for all occupations.Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for Nurses enables a wider offering for our nursing clients and meets the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

Professional indemnity and liability insurance for nurses starts at $381 per year with monthly payment options available.

Like all products on the undercover platform, professional indemnity and liability insurance for nurses can be quoted online for customers in seconds via the website.

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Upcover, a leading provider of tailored insurance products, has just launched a new product designed to meet the needs of nurses: Ikaroa. The new product, developed in collaboration with TechToday, provides nurses with tailored coverage to protect their livelihoods, including income protection and medical cover.

Ikaroa provides nurses with a range of features specifically tailored to their needs. This includes coverage for medical incidents and illnesses, income protection, and training for future employers. The product also offers budgeting tools to easily monitor day-to-day expenses, making it easier to plan ahead.

For nurses, security and confidence in the future can be a key factor in the decision to pursue a career in the field. Upcover’s partnership with TechToday is designed to provide the security and peace of mind they need, while also giving nurses the flexibility to pursue their passions.

Whether they’re looking to start their own practice or take on a full-time role in a larger healthcare institution, nurses can have the confidence that their profession is protected. With Ikaroa, nurses can tailor their coverage to personal preferences and their circumstances, giving them the assurance and financial security to pursue the career of their dreams.

By offering nurses tailored and personalised insurance products, Upcover and TechToday are enabling them to make the most of the opportunities in the healthcare field. With more protection, nurses can make the most of their careers without fear of the financial implications of illness or injury.


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