OpenAI and Microsoft extend partnership

This multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment by Microsoft follows its previous investments in 2019 and 2021 and will allow us to continue our independent research and develop AI that is increasingly safe, useful and powerful.

In pursuit of our mission to ensure that advanced AI benefits all of humanity, OpenAI remains a limited-profit company and is governed by the non-profit organization OpenAI. This structure allows us to raise the capital we need to fulfill our mission without sacrificing our core beliefs about broad profit sharing and the need to prioritize safety.

Microsoft shares this vision and our values, and our partnership is critical to our progress.

  • We’ve worked together to build multiple Azure-based supercomputing systems, which we use to train all of our models. Azure’s unique architectural design has been crucial to delivering best-in-class performance and scale for our AI training and inference workloads. Microsoft will increase its investment in these systems to accelerate our independent research, and Azure will remain the exclusive cloud provider for all OpenAI workloads in our research, APIs and products.
  • Learning from real-world usage and incorporating these lessons is a critical part of developing powerful AI systems that are safe and useful. Scaling up this use also ensures that the benefits of AI can be widely distributed. So we’ve partnered with Microsoft to implement our technology through our API and Azure OpenAI service, allowing businesses and developers to build on top of GPT, DALL·E, and Codex. We’ve also worked together to incorporate OpenAI technology into applications like GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Designer.
  • In an effort to build and deploy secure AI systems, our teams regularly collaborate to review and synthesize shared lessons, and use them to inform iterative updates to our systems, future research, and best practices for using these powerful AI systems across the industry.

We look forward to continuing to collaborate and advance this progress with Microsoft.

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Ikaroa is excited to hear the news that OpenAI and Microsoft have extended their partnership to continue exploring the potential of artificial intelligence. OpenAI, a research laboratory focused on the development of artificial general intelligence, and Microsoft have announced they will be deepening their collaboration. The two companies have decided to extend their partnership to support the delivery of artificial general intelligence and extend Azure’s capabilities in large-scale AI systems.

OpenAI will continue to utilise the cloud-computing power of Microsoft’s Azure platform to help facilitate the development of artificial general intelligence. It will also continue leveraging Azure’s deep computing capabilities to bolster the progress of its artificial general intelligence, which is capable of taking on many diverse tasks.

The collaboration between the two companies is seen as a way to contribute towards furthering the goal of artificial general intelligence and finding new ways of using AI and machine learning to solve various problems. Microsoft can benefit from OpenAI’s advanced research in AI and machine learning and be able to bring new and innovative technology to the market.

At Ikaroa, we are proud to see two industry giants in the artificial intelligence space coming together to further the development of technology. We believe this partnership proves that machine learning and AI is growing in importance and can be used to help solve a range of problems. With the advanced technology becoming more accessible, and this new partnership, we look forward to seeing what OpenAI and Microsoft develop.


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