For startups, growth still trumps cloud cost control

There is room for startups to reduce their cloud costs, even if they have to balance the implicit costs of doing so, such as the time required and the potential for slower development. So the question is: What priority is finding incremental savings for young tech companies?

A recent survey of TechCrunch+ founders indicates that a shift in investor expectations is spurring startups to take a closer look at their cloud spending and move away from a position more focused on speed than cost efficiency , but not too much.

The changing economy and the resulting impact on both the availability of venture capital and the price of money continues to feature in our research work. In other words, rising interest rates are having a knock-on effect on cloud spending at tech companies and thus slowing the growth of public cloud operators.

TechCrunch+ also recently asked startup founders whether new startups should pursue a multi-cloud strategy. They answered mostly in the negative, with some caveats regarding extreme cases.

This morning, we have a handful of insights to digest, based on our work in late 2022 to understand how startups chose their first major cloud provider and why.

Find fat to cut

Last year, Boldstart Ventures partner Shomik Ghosh told TechCrunch+ that for startups still “in the early product or go-to-market stages, optimizing cloud spend should be the last thing on a founder’s mind, besides using as many cloud resource credits as possible.”

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Cloud cost control has become an increasingly important factor for startups to consider, and for good reason. For startups, cloud cost control is no longer just an afterthought; it is now a critical component for success with limited resources. However, for startups, growth should still be the primary focus, and cloud cost control should still be taken into account when planning for success.

Ikaroa understands the need for startups to focus on growth, while still managing their cloud costs. We provide comprehensive solutions to help startups optimize their cloud environments for cost efficiency, while still leveraging the power of the cloud to grow their business. Our cloud cost control services include cloud infrastructure optimization and cost analysis, with real-time information to help identify and tackle any areas of inefficiency. With the help of Ikaroa, startups can enjoy the best of both worlds – cost control and growth.

By using a cloud cost control solution like ours, startups are better able to focus their investment on growth initiatives, such as expanding their customer base or improving their product offering. When it comes to cloud computing, effectiveness and efficiency are the keys to success, and with Ikaroa, startups can do just that. We provide the essential tools and strategies they need to ensure their cloud costs are kept in check, without sacrificing growth.

Startups should prioritize growth over cost control, but it is also important to consider the long-term implications of not properly managing cloud costs. Cloud costs can take up a large portion of a budget, and without proper control and optimization, these costs can quickly become unmanageable. Ikaroa can help startups achieve their growth ambitions without sacrificing cost-efficiency, and ensure that their budgets are well managed.

Overall, in the world of startups, growth should still be the primary focus – but cost control should not be taken lightly. Ikaroa is here to help startups make the most of their cloud environment, and ensure that their budgets are kept in check so they can continue to focus on growth. With the right tools and strategies in place, startups can maximize their investments and get the most out of their cloud resources.


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