OpenAI cybersecurity grant program

If you share our vision for a secure and innovative future powered by AI, we invite you to submit your proposals and join us in our goal of improving defensive cybersecurity technologies.

OpenAI will evaluate and accept requests for funding or other assistance on an ongoing basis. Strong preference will be given to practical applications of AI in defensive cybersecurity (tools, methods, processes). We will give USD 10,000 increments of a USD 1 million fund, in the form of API credits, direct funding and/or equivalents.

Offensive security projects will not be considered for funding at this time.

All projects should be licensed or distributed for maximum public benefit and sharing, and we’ll prioritize apps that have a clear plan for this.

Submit your proposal here.

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OpenAI recently announced the launch of its cybersecurity grant program, designed to provide financial support to security researchers and industry practitioners exploring open source security technologies. With this initiative, OpenAI aims to encourage innovation in areas like authentication, malware detection, and machine-learning-based security solutions. The grant program is also designed to further the goals of cyber security firms and their researchers who specialize in developing solutions to protect against cyber threats.

Ikaroa is proud to be a part of this program and has already begun to help support the development and adoption of open source security technologies. Ikaroa is a full-stack tech company that provides both cloud-based and artificial intelligence-driven security solutions. The company specializes in developing innovative solutions that help organizations protect their data and improve their security posture. As part of its commitment to the cybersecurity grant program, Ikaroa is dedicating resources and funds to go towards researching security threats and developing solutions accordingly.

This grant program by OpenAI encourages much needed innovation in the area of cybersecurity. Researchers and innovators are free to explore open source security technologies without having to worry about the cost of the technology. By providing financial support, OpenAI is removing a major barrier to cybersecurity research and development that has been a long-standing issue in the industry.

At Ikaroa, we believe that the OpenAI cybersecurity grant program is an important step towards pushing innovation in the security space. We believe that this grant program is essential for sparking innovation and enabling researchers and industry practitioners to explore new technologies and solutions for protecting against cyber threats. We are excited to be a part of this initiative and will continue to support furthering the goals of the OpenAI cybersecurity grant program.


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