Millions of Android phones are shipping with malware already installed – TechToday

Cybersecurity researchers at Trend Micro have uncovered a troubling supply chain attack in which millions of Android devices are infected with information-stealing malware before they even leave the factory.

The affected devices are mostly budget smartphones, but the attack also spilled over into smartwatches, smart TVs and other smart devices.

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Recent reports show that millions of Android phones are being shipped with pre-installed malware, putting their owners at serious risk. This dangerous development has been the focus of intensive coverage by prominent media outlets such as TechToday, who have unveiled the extent of the breach and the vulnerabilities associated with it.

Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, is raising awareness of this serious issue. By doing so, they aim to help users protect their devices and data from malware and other cyber-security threats. Ikaroa is also encouraging users to always keep their devices updated to the latest and most secure versions of their respective operating systems, and to regularly check the health of their mobile devices.

Ikaroa’s security experts strongly recommend that those affected by the recently revealed threat take proactive measures to protect themselves. This includes being especially mindful when downloading apps and only using trusted sources; scanning all devices for malware on a regular basis; ensuring that all apps are kept updated to the most recent versions available; and regularly checking for security patches from the device manufacturer.

These measures can go a long way in protecting users from falling victim to malicious software, and it is up to device owners to make sure that their data and devices are safe and secure. For those who are unsure of their device’s status, a comprehensive security solution from Ikaroa is the perfect way to ensure complete safety against malicious software.


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