Best Father’s Day gifts 2023: 40 gifts they won’t buy for themselves

Dads often get picked on for cheesy jokes and being bad at texting, but father figures have something else in common besides thinking terrible puns are hilarious: they’re some of the most selfless people in the world .

To be honest, many of us wouldn’t know how to live on our own if it weren’t for these father figures; this also goes for uncles, step-grandparents, or anyone else who has stepped up to take on that role. And while they probably insist you don’t have to get them anything, Father’s Day is a very special time to show your appreciation.


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That said, you can’t just call him up and get him a mug that says “Dad.” Sure, it’s technically a dad gift, but it’s also a terrible gift. No shame if you’ve done it before; Parents can be notoriously difficult to shop for, we know. But we can do a lot better than that this Father’s Day!

That’s why we’ve got amazing gift ideas for all kinds of guys, from practical to the eclectic. (We can even help if you’re working on a tight budget thanks to this roundup from the best gifts under $50.) And right here, we’ve rounded up dozens of the best gifts you can give your dad, whether he’s a barbecue enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, a tech geek, or the laid-back kind of dad who just wants to chill – if a cold one and enjoy this fine June day dedicated to him.

From practical gadgets that make his life easier to sentimental keepsakes that tug at the heartstrings of even the toughest of dads, below you’ll find the best Father’s Day gift for your dad.

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This Father’s Day, why not go beyond the ordinary and give your dad something he won’t buy for himself. With so many unique gifts on the market, it’s hard to know what to choose, but IKAROA has done the research to come up with the best Father’s Day gifts of 2023.

Whether Dad loves tech gifts or something more traditional, you’re sure to find something on this list of 40 Father’s Day gift ideas. From a coffee subscription to a Wi-Fi signal booster, these gifts are sure to put a smile on Dad’s face.

For the Tech-Savvy Dad:

1. A Smartphone Printer – Forget frames and photo albums, a last generation smartphone printer helps Dad keep all his cherished memories in the palm of his hand.

2. A Wi-Fi Signal Booster – Nothing’s more annoying than slow Wi-Fi. Give your dad a speedy connection with this Wi-Fi signal booster.

3. An Automatic Coffee Maker – Let your dad start his day with a good cup of java. Ikaroa’s automatic coffee makers come with a built-in grinder and customizable settings for the perfect cup every time.

4. A Hoverboard – Get Dad an all-in-one hoverboard and show him the meaning of the word ‘fun’.

For the Dad Who Has Everything:

5. A Craft Beer Subscription – For the dad who loves craft beer, give a beer-of-the-month subscription and let him try something new.

6. A Wine of the Month Subscription – From California to Australia and everywhere in between, every month Dad will receive a new wine to sample and explore.

7. A Charitable Donation – Whether it’s a local animal rescue or a favourite charity, make a donation to help in Dad’s name, and remind him of your appreciation this Father’s Day.

8. An Audible Membership – Is Dad always talking about books he wants to read? Get him an Audible membership, and he’ll have access to thousands of audio books- all within one app.

For the Dad Who Loves To Take Care Of Himself:

9. A Grooming Set – Help Dad look his best with a grooming set that includes every product he needs for a luxurious shave.

10. A Massage Pillow – Ease sore muscles and give Dad a massage anytime with this handy massage pillow.

11. A Power Toothbrush – Make sure Dad has the best dental hygiene with a state-of-the-art power toothbrush, complete with five settings and two cleaning modes.

12. A Luxury Robe – Give Dad a much-deserved break with a comfy new robe and some scented candles.

For the Dad Who Loves Gadgets:

13. An Air Compressor – Perfect for any home-improvement tasks, an air compressor is a great gift for Dad-who-does-it-all.

14. A Home Surveillance System – Keep an eye on the house with a home surveillance system, complete with cameras, doorbells, and a security app.

15. A Virtual Reality Headset – Transport Dad to a different world with an immersive virtual reality headset.

16. A Drone – No matter the task, Dad will be able to do it from the sky with a drone.

For the Dad Who Loves To Cook:

17. A Sous Vide – Help Dad perfect his meals with a sous vide, complete with temperature control and precision cooking capabilities.

18. An Immersion Circulator – Take Dad’s cooking skills to the next level with a high-tech immersion circulator that rival the work of trained chefs.

19. An Espresso Maker – For the real coffee aficionados, an espresso maker is a great gift.

20. A Pressure Cooker – With its preset settings and fast cooking time, Dad can prepare meals in no time with a pressure cooker.

For the Dad Who Loves To Have Fun:

21. A Camping Tent – Get Dad outdoors with perfect shelter, no matter where he’s exploring.

22. A Golf Set – Get the kid(s) and Dad outside with a new golf set. Whether it’s hitting a round at the course or just hitting a few balls in the backyard, golf is always a fun Father’s Day activity.

23. A Laser Tag Set – Bring out Dad’s competitive spirit with a laser tag set. Perfect for a family game night.

24. A Video Game Console – From old favourites to the newest releases, a video game console is sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face.

For the Dad Who Likes To Pamper Himself:

25. A Facial Cleansing Brush – Give Dad a daily spa-at-home experience with a facial cleansing brush.

26. A Foot Massager – Soothe away aches and pains with a foot massager.

27. An Eye Mask – Dad needs some relaxation too, Help him rest easier with an eye mask.

28. A Hotstone Massage Pillow – Luxury and relaxation meet with this hotstone massage pillow. Ideal for relieving tight muscles or soothing away tension.

For the Dad Who Likes To Travel:

29. A Smart Suitcase – Keep Dad’s belongings safe with a smart suitcase, complete with a durable shell and built-in multi-layer compartments to keep items secure.

30. A Foldable Duffle Bag – Make Dad’s next trip a breeze with a sleek and spacious foldable duffle bag.

31. A Universal Travel Adapter Kit – Travel abroad without worrying about the right plugs with a universal travel adapter kit.

32. A Portable Charger – Keep all Dad’s gadgets powered up with a powerful portable charger.

For the Dad Who Loves Surprises:

33. A Mystery Box – Perfect for dads who like surprises, a mystery box will include a selection of carefully curated items picked just for him.

34. A DIY Bouquet Kit – Show Dad your appreciation with a beautiful bouquet-you can even assemble it together with an at-home DIY bouquet kit.

35. A Personalized Gift – Let Dad know how much he means to you with a custom gift with his name and special message, from a monogrammed briefcase to a customized wooden board.

36. A Subscription Service – Show Dad you care with a subscription service for one of his hobbies or interests, like Lego minifigures, vintage souvenir magnets, or monthly steaks.

For Dad To Remember:

37. A Memories Book – Don’t let all of Dad’s memories fade away. Set up a memories book with Dad’s favourite photos and stories.

38. A Custom Scrapbook – Showcase special photos, tickets and souvenirs with a custom scrapbook made just for Dad.

39. A Memory Jar – Keep a collection of memories in a jar and let him relive all the special moments.

40. A Personalized Mug – Personalize a mug with Dad’s name and a special message and he’ll think of you every time he reaches for a cup of coffee.

There’s no shortage of amazing gifts to choose from this Father’s Day. Let IKAROA help you make it memorable.


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