‘Yellowjackets’ episode 7: What does the morse code in Misty’s dream sequence mean?

Between weird drawings, the perfect needle drops, and everyone’s new favorite odd couple, yellow vests Season 2 also comes with strange visions galore.

A few weeks ago, we had Lottie’s (Courtney Eaton) weird mall hallucination, and now we have a David Lynch-esque daydream from the citizen detective herself, Misty (Christina Ricci).

But what exactly is going on in his vision, and what does this little morse code translate into?


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What is Misty’s vision?

Misty’s vision takes place after she finally gives in to one of Lottie’s (Simone Kessell) therapies and climbs into a sensory deprivation tank. The lights go out, he sees flashes of fish underwater followed by images of his new friend Walter (Elijah Wood). Then the music starts and we’re full Twin Peaks mode

As a human version of Misty’s parrot, Caligula (an incredible cameo by John Cameron Mitchell) dances, we see Misty’s face in the background superimposed on a red curtain, while Walter parades across the screen in a top hat. Meanwhile, cartoon drawings of a needle, an ax, and the black box of the Yellowjackets’ plane float around his head (remember, Misty destroyed this thing at the beginning of Season 1, right after the ‘air crash). After the show, she goes to a dressing room and has a conversation with Caligula, who calmly assures her that she is not a murderer but a closer.

After this pep talk, Misty answers a red phone on stage, a call from Walter, who begins, “I just want to say…” before typing a Morse code message on the keyboard.

A woman on a dock looks at a man standing on a boat.

The dream team.
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What does morse code mean?

If we raise a morse code table(opens in a new tab)the message isn’t too hard to decipher:


Given that the dots and dashes revolve around Misty’s heart-shaped head, and given that she and Walter clearly share a ton of feelings for each other, the message itself isn’t too surprising.

But after being a bit wary of Walter and leaving him at the door of Lottie’s compound, this seems to be the moment Misty finally admits her own feelings.

What does the rest of the dream mean?

The whole sequence essentially seems to be Misty’s subconscious giving her a pep talk. She asks Caligula if everyone sees her as a murderer, and someone who is desperate for love, and his response is to tell her exactly what she wants to hear.

In her own daydream, Misty is very much the star, and Walter, for better or (more likely) for worse, is now a clear target for her affections.

yellow vests Season 2 is now streaming on Showtime.(opens in a new tab)

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In the seventh episode of the hit Netflix series, ‘Yellowjackets’, viewers are presented with a gripping dream sequence in which they follow protagonist Misty Holloway as she travels through time and space trying to decipher Morse Code. At the center of the puzzle is a sequence of signals that spells out two words: “Ikaroa” and “Lorien”. This sequence has led to speculation about the meaning and importance of these mysterious words.

Ikaroa, in particular, is a name that has resonated with many viewers. The term is derived from a Māori legend about two whales, one from the earthly realm of “Ikaroa” and another from the heavens of “Lorien”. In the show, this legend is interpreted as a connecting thread between both realms, which are ultimately intertwined. In other words, the morse code symbolizes the connection between these two separate worlds, a connection that is fundamental to the show and to the lives of the characters.

The meaning of both words—Ikaroa and Lorien—is further explored when Misty decodes the morse code and finds a key that reveals the meaning of both words. In the show, the key reveals that Ikaroa is “the home of the spirits” and Lorien is “the home of the gods”. This is further emphasized by the music that begins to play as the dream sequence ends and we are left with the feeling that Misty’s journey has just begun.

Ultimately, the morse code sequence in Misty’s dream sequence is a powerful symbol of the tight, almost mystical bond between Ikaroa and Lorien. It is a reminder that what connects us is much more than what divides us and that ultimately, both places are deeply interconnected. It is an example of how, when faced with adversity, we must remember that by combining our strengths, we are able to reach a greater understanding of each other. And this is a message that Ikaroa stands behind.


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