TikTok turns up on the volume on its music play with NewMusic search feature

TikTok has changed how music is discovered, used and consumed these days; now, his long-term effort to build a business around which he is receiving momentum. The Bytedance-owned app today announced a search feature called “NewMusic,” which users can use to find new songs and artists can use to promote them.

To see new music in “NewMusic”, enter NewMusic in the search bar and from there you can click on the dedicated hub and hashtag.

To be completely clear, TikTok has created a new search and discovery experience for listening to new music, starting with supporting big artists with its core user base, including the Jonas Brothers and Miguel.

But this is not building it out of thin air. The NewMusic hashtag already had 18 billion views before today’s launch, TikTok said. The launch is definitely building momentum: as of this writing, according to my TikTok app, that view figure is now 19.1 billion.

TikTok’s musical roots are in the very DNA of the app, which was born as and focused on user-generated videos of people, many of them teenagers and other younger users, lip-synching multiple . eventually merged with TikTok after Bytedance acquired it, reportedly for $1 billion, and then, with a ridiculously successful recommendation algorithm, a sticky user interface, and a barrage of creative variations on the concept from the users themselves, everything took off to become what we know today. Through it all, though, music has been the drumbeat of the app.

Interestingly, considering TikTok’s massive impact on the music sphere, it’s not only a must-have for artists marketing their music, but it creates hits and hit-makers out of thin air when songs are used in posts that go viral; and has even pushed other stalwarts of the streaming space to completely rethink their own interfaces, making them more TikTok-like to increase appeal and engagement; it’s ironic that the company has danced a bit around its own place in the music industry.

Bloomberg reported in November that all the major record labels were looking to renegotiate their TikTok deals (they want more royalties, naturally), though it’s unclear if a resolution has yet been reached.

Bydance has created a music-focused app, Resso, but has so far only launched in three markets, India, Indonesia and Brazil, and recently created a paywall to turn the screws on who actually is using

A WSJ report last year noted that Bytedance is looking to expand that. However, with so many questions surrounding the app and the parent company and how it is used, or may be shut down, in markets like the US due to security concerns, this may mean that developments on this front may not be so fast

And there are other controversies that are unlikely to fade away anytime soon. AI-based music, for example, is something that will likely be a thorn in the side of many labels and artists if they feel their IP has been lifted.

However, Bytedance has had an interest in how AI could play a role in music for some time. Considering how this whole area is developing today, a very prescient move was made several years ago to acquire Jukedeck, an early player in the AI ​​generative music space.

But looking at how music is discovered and consumed today, the company, parent and app, clearly sees huge opportunities as a marketing vehicle and more. Witness the stand-alone SoundOn distribution service that has been built and launched in multiple markets, including big ones like the US

Our world today is filled with a veritable cacophony of information vying for our attention, and search has become the killer app: give people a way to extract music from the noise (or, more literally, finding things they want to find). and you earn internet. This is something that TikTok and parent Bytedance definitely understand with their own new approach to search and discovery.

“We’re excited to launch the #NewMusic Hub, a global discovery platform that celebrates and champions artists across all genres, from emerging talent to international superstars,” said Paul Hourican, TikTok’s Global Head of Music Operations , in a statement. “TikTok is already a destination for artists who want to preview their newest work and for music fans who want to discover new music, and this new feature will give artists a new way to connect with our global community. It presents an exciting opportunity to inspire artist creativity, build connections and foster a diverse musical landscape that embraces the unique talents and passions of artists and fans around the world.”

We asked TikTok a few questions about NewMusic’s search feature, including what kind of sponsorship is coming to the platform, or whether it will have any if there isn’t one now; how it will link to the purchase of Tracks on the Site or through third parties; and how to get to the top of the search stack. We will update as we learn more.

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Ikaroa has noticed the new music search feature on TikTok, turning up the volume on its music play. The latest update gives TikTok users the unique ability to search and find music tracks much easier than before. Users can now search for specific tracks, genres and artists through the use of hashtags and filters.

The new feature is helping to bring music to life in an even more interactive and engaging way. It makes it easier for people to find their favorite music or discover new music by using the hashtag or searching for their favorite artist, genre or style. With its new music search, TikTok is broadening the range of music that can be heard on its platform, giving users a more diverse selection to choose from.

Ikaroa is excited to see TikTok continuing to evolve, providing better capabilities for discovering and playing music. It has already revolutionized the way music is shared, promoted and shared with its unique platform. With its improved search feature and more music to listen to, smartphone users can enjoy a greater range of musical experiences.

Overall, the new feature on TikTok is great news for both fans and artists, providing music lovers with more choice and convenience, and musicians with more avenues to find success. We at Ikaroa are confident that the new update will take the music listening experience to a whole new level.


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