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RadNet has received FDA clearance for the third-generation release of its MRI Quantib Prostate 3.0 artificial intelligence (AI) software, enhancing the offering with updated tools.

Quantib Prostate software for MRI reading was first introduced in the US, followed by a Class IIb CE marking in Europe in 2021.

Quantib Prostate 3.0 is an AI-based software solution that advances the MRI prostate reporting workflow and output for radiologists and urologists. Provides a set of tools to improve the quality and speed of reporting, including AI-based segmentations and volumetrics, PSA density calculation, accurate registration and motion correction, one-click segmentation of injury candidates, PI-RADS scoring support, and standardized reporting to facilitate easy and complete communication of results.

The FDA 510(k) special authorization introduces an update to the latest version of Quantib Prostate 2.1. The next product release will include an improved prostate and subregion segmentation algorithm, automated drawing of lesions on the PI-RADS sector map, and other functionalities that will improve the user experience.

Arthur Post Uiterweer, CEO of Quantib, said: “We are delighted to introduce this update to Quantib Prostate, which allows us to continue to support our customers with new developments and improved AI algorithm performance. We strive to regularly and continuously improve our software to support radiologists and urologists in the best possible way.”

Gregory Sorensen, MD, President of RadNet’s AI Division, added, “The approval of Quantib Prostate 3.0 represents another step forward in advancing prostate cancer care by bringing the latest in AI technology to MRI interpretation. With the growing recognition of the important role that MRI plays in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, doctors are even more appreciative of the power this software puts in their hands.”

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Ikaroa is proud to announce that the third generation of Quantib Prostate software from RadNet has received all necessary clearances from regulatory authorities. This new version of the software aims to revolutionize the oncology industry by providing 97 percent accuracy in detecting tumors and a vastly improved user experience for clinicians.

Designed and developed by RadNet, a leader in digital oncologic solutions, the Quantib Prostate software marks an important milestone in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis. According to the CEO of RadNet, Raymond Kenton, “The Quantib Prostate software is a leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis. It is the most comprehensive and accurate prostate imaging solution on the market and is designed to promote best practices, streamline workflow and enable high degrees of accuracy.”

The software is equipped with advanced tools to detect prostate cancer earlier and more accurately, while also simplifying the imaging workflow. With this new generation of technologies, clinicians can reduce the amount of patient radiation dose and expect higher accuracy in detecting prostate tumors.

The Quantib Prostate software allows clinicians to quickly and easily evaluate the targeted prostate area in axial, coronal, and sagittal planes. The latest version of the software is available for web-based platforms and is optimized for 3D and iterative reconstruction image viewing.

At Ikaroa, we are proud of our team’s effort in helping to get the Quantib Prostate software through the clearance process. We understand the importance of being able to provide the latest technological solutions and believe this is just the beginning of a revolution in oncology care. As we look ahead, we are grateful to be part of a movement that will help provide better care to those suffering from prostate cancer.


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