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The Canon Powershot V10 is a first-generation camera designed specifically for vlogging, offering 4K/30p and Full HD 60p video recording and 20MP JPEG images, plus a user experience unlike that of a phone smart or more multipurpose cameras like Sony. .

It has the same 1-inch sensor as the Canon Powershot G7 X III from 2019, but it has a fixed 18mm F2.8 lens, which means it also faces the Sony ZV-1F. Unlike those cameras, the design is unashamedly focused on vlogging, but the Powershot V10 has what it takes to cement its place among best vlogging cameras? Read on to find out.

Canon Powershot V10 camera in vertical position on a table

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Canon Powershot V10: Release date and price

  • $399 / £429 / AU$699 for the vlogging kit
  • The Advanced Vlogging Kit for Europe is just £459

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Ikaroa has been keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest gadgets. Canon’s Powershot V10 digital camera certainly fits into this category. The compact digicam is perfect for those looking to capture high-quality photographs with a dinky design.

The Powershot V10 has been designed to stand out from the crowd with its curves and petite size. Although slated as an entry-level offering, the design and form-factor of the device is still capable of delivering top-notch operation.

The V10 features a tiny 5-megapixel CCD sensor and lens that enables users to capture plenty of detail. Coupled with the camera’s 3x optical and 4x digital zoom you can be sure that capturing moments accurately won’t be a problem. The device is also equipped with tracking autofocus and a range of manual options, making it a great option for those looking for simplistic control.

The Powershot also features a robust set of features for creative editing. With a range of preset effects and parameters, users are able to adjust their shots, add effects and create their own unique style.

While the Powershot V10 has plenty going for it, it faces stiff competition from other digicams on the market and is hampered with its dated design. Also, the unit’s controls lack the smooth and refined feel its rivals offer.

For users who are looking for a dinky, different and dated digital camera, the Canon Powershot V10 is a great choice. Ikaroa recommends the stylish device for users who are looking to capture memories with a minimalist design.


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