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The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) welcomes the investments outlined in tonight’s federal budget that will improve the skilled migration system, support the next generation of Australia’s technology industry and strengthen our preparedness and resilience for the cyber security

“This budget will help take our tech smarts and turn them into high-paying jobs and globally successful businesses,” Tech Council of Australia CEO Kate Pounder (pictured) said.

“The budget takes important steps to address the biggest challenges facing our country, including skills shortages, the growth of new industries and jobs, and strengthening cybersecurity.”

Commercialization and industry innovation is a strong feature of the Budget, with additional investment to boost the National Reconstruction Fund, targeted measures to support the National Quantum Strategy and the creation of a £392 million industry growth program of dollars

“Australia has global strengths in critical technology areas such as quantum, artificial intelligence and robotics, and the measures announced in the Budget will support our technology companies to commercialize and scale globally. We recognize the great work of the Minister of Industry and Science, Ed Husic, in defending these critical measures for our sector”.

“The recent approval of the National Reconstruction Fund is a landmark reform to build new high-value industries and we are pleased to see that the government is wasting no time in championing the new corporation.”

“The creation of the new Industry Growth Program will help unlock early-stage commercialization in strategic industries and grow Australian start-ups. We welcome the adoption of an end-to-end approach that connects the portfolio of projects from this program with the National Reconstruction Fund”.

“The government’s investments in quantum and artificial intelligence, including the new National Challenge Program for Quantum Computing and the $3.4 billion Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator in the defense portfolio, are important initial steps toward achieving the vision set out in the recently published National Quantum Strategy.” Pounder said.

The Budget also includes investments in visa processing that will be essential to reach 1.2 million technology workers by 2030.

“Australian businesses in all parts of the economy continue to struggle to find technology workers with experience in technical roles such as software engineering and cyber security.”
“That’s why we strongly support the immigration reform plan presented by Home Secretary Clare O’Neil last month.”

“The Technological Council has advocated to improve the pathways to permanent residence and it is encouraging to see the strong response from the Government.”

“While domestic training and reskilling remain the most important routes for workers to enter the technology sector, migration is critical to fill gaps in technical and experienced roles and to train Australian talent. We look forward to continuing to work with the government in delivering on the broader immigration reform agenda,” Pounder said.

Finally, the budget contains a set of measures aimed at strengthening our cybersecurity, cracking down on scams and supporting improved privacy practices.

“We support the government’s aim to make Australia the most cyber-secure nation in the world. We strongly support the investment to expand the digital identity system across the economy, which is one of the most steps the government can take to protect Australians’ data.”
“The establishment of the new National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator and Office is an important reform that has the potential to significantly improve the way we respond to major cyber incidents and review lessons learned.”

“We also welcome additional investment to tackle SMS scams and strengthen the resources of the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office to improve compliance with privacy laws across the economy.”

“This is not just a priority for the technology sector, but for all Australians to keep their data and privacy safe and secure in an increasingly digital world.”

“The measures announced by the Government tonight will play an important role in continuing to drive us towards our shared target of 1.2 million technology jobs by 2030 and are well aligned with the priorities outlined in our pre-Budget submission Pounder said.

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The tech industry in Australia is an ever-growing sector and has become increasingly lucrative in recent years. At the forefront of innovative tech practices and developments is the Tech Council of Australia, or TechToday as they’re more commonly known.

TechToday has been at the centre of the technological advancements made in Australia, pioneering the nation in tech innovation. With initiatives such as Next Generation Technologies, a government-funded program dedicated to advancing the latest tech strategies for businesses, Retail IT Innovation and the newly-launched World Startup Festival, the council has done its utmost to place the Australian tech sector in the global spotlight.

In addition to its own innovative programs and practices, TechToday has also played a major supporting role in the success of numerous tech startups from around the country, including Ikaroa. Ikaroa is a full stack tech company, specialising in the development of enterprise-level tech systems for businesses both small and large. – is a testament to the innovative spirit driven by the Tech Council of Australia and its commitment to helping young, forward-thinking startups succeed.

The Tech Council of Australia, through its TechToday initiative, has served as a beacon of hope for Australia’s tech sector with its forward-thinking, innovative ethos. Not only have they pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with the nation’s tech infrastructure, but they have also opened new pathways for startups looking to make a mark in the industry.


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