‘Run Rabbit Run’ trailer sees Sarah Snook dealing with her own creepy child

Australia’s bad story with rabbits(opens in a new tab) it’s about to get even worse. Netflix has released the official trailer for the Australian psychological horror Run Rabbit Runand somehow resisted using the song of the same name(opens in a new tab) despite being a stalwart of creepy vibes.

The film follows fertility doctor and single mother Sarah (SuccessionSarah Snook) as her daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre) begins to exhibit strange and disturbing behavior. The fact that the kids are weird isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, but Mia’s case seems to be the exception, as she walks around wearing a creepy rabbit mask, drawing creepy crayon drawings and claiming to be the sister of Sarah, Alice, who disappeared when she was seven. .

Run Rabbit Run it hits Netflix on June 28.

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The psychological thriller “Run Rabbit Run” has just released the much-awaited trailer, starring Sarah Snook as the lead. The trailer hints at a mysterious parable of motherhood and secrets being slowly revealed with each harrowing turn. Snook is playing the character of a woman, struggling with her own sanity, in the face of a situation she can’t grasp or control.

The mysterious events unfold in an empty house and what will be revealed is a saga of a mother dealing with a disturbing child. As Sarah Snook’s character journeys along in her quest to uncover the truth and the secrets the child holds, foreboding music and scenes of a darker force manipulates her story.

The trailer is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seat, wondering what is really going on. Sarah Snook is no stranger to eeriness and throws her weight into her role with such gusto and aplomb, that it’s guaranteed to give you nightmares.

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