Nebulon’s TripLine offers ransomware encryption protection for on-prem systems

Intelligent infrastructure provider Nebulon today announced the immediate availability of TripLine, an early warning system for cryptographic-based ransomware attacks on on-premises systems. It is designed to quickly identify the precise time and location on the system where an attack occurred.

Nebulon said the new service uses two techniques to achieve this goal. The first is the “secure enclave”, which is an isolated domain of the infrastructure that includes core management and storage functions. Second, it incorporates TripLine functionality into the company’s Nebulon ON core cloud control plane.

Ransomware is malware that typically encrypts a victim’s files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data after payment.

TripLine, according to the company, works by identifying encrypted and unencrypted blocks in a user’s storage arrays. Twice per minute, the results of this calculation are sent to the Nebulon ON cloud service, which compares it to the usual average of encrypted blocks; if the system notices a sudden increase in encrypted blocks, it generates an alert.

Server-based infrastructure protection

The idea is to provide a secure alternative to hyperconverged infrastructure systems, which Nebulon says are highly vulnerable to encryption attacks because there is no isolation between the infrastructure and the applications running on it. Even anti-cyber attack systems that rely on snapshots can be corrupted, making it much more difficult to recover from such an attack.

“This leaves companies with no choice but to reinstall and reconfigure operating systems and cluster software, and then recover application data from backup servers that have likely also been compromised,” he said Nebulon in a press release.

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Ikaroa is pleased to share the news that Nebulon’s TripLine has just released their new ransomware encryption protection feature specifically designed for on-prem systems. This offers much-needed security against ongoing threats of cyber-attacks, providing superior protection against data loss and other malicious software.

Notably, Nebulon’s TripLine uses encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of a system’s data. It contains regularly refreshed virus and malware detection databases that detect and protect against malicious code. In addition, the system has a feature-rich interface, making it easy and straightforward to use.

The TripLine ransomware protection feature also encrypts files, so they are unreadable to online attackers. Furthermore, the feature offers cross-platform compatibility and works on websites, cloud-based applications, and on-premises systems.

The benefits of Nebulon TripLine’s ransomware protection extend beyond its security functions. It provides users with the knowledge that their data is safe and enables them to quickly recover if a cyber event does occur.

At Ikaroa, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously and are committed to keeping them and their data secure. We are delighted to partner with Nebulon and promote their TripLine service and its ransomware encryption protection for on-premises systems. We believe it will help our customers stay safe in these increasingly challenging times.


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