IBM unveils end-to-end, quantum-safe tools to secure business, government data

Tech giant IBM has unveiled a new set of tools and capabilities designed as an end-to-end, quantum-secure solution to protect organizations and government agencies as they move into the post-quantum computing era. Announced at its annual Think conference in Orlando, Florida, the Quantum Safe technology combines expertise in cryptography and critical infrastructure to address potential future security risks posed by quantum computing, according to the company. IBM also unveiled the Quantum Safe Roadmap to guide industries along their journey to post-quantum cryptography.

Security experts and scientists predict that quantum computers will one day be able to break commonly used encryption methods, making email, secure banking, cryptocurrencies and communications systems vulnerable to major cybersecurity threats. Therefore, it will soon be necessary for organizations, technology providers, and Internet standards to move to quantum-secure encryption.

NATO has already begun testing quantum security solutions to investigate the feasibility and practicality of this technology for real-world implementations, while the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) launched a competition to identify and standardize quantum security encryption algorithms. Additionally, the US National Security Agency (NSA) announced new requirements for national security systems to transition to quantum security algorithms by 2025, and the White House released requirements for federal agencies to submit a cryptographic inventory of potentially vulnerable to cryptographically relevant systems. quantum computers.

New capabilities prepare for the post-quantum era in three ways

IBM’s new set of capabilities is designed to help clients prepare for the post-quantum era in three key ways, the firm said in a press release:

  • IBM Quantum Safe Explorer enables organizations to scan source and object code to locate cryptographic assets, dependencies, vulnerabilities, and create a cryptographic bill of materials (CBOM) that allows teams to view and aggregate potential risks in a central location.
  • IBM Quantum Safe Advisor enables the creation of a dynamic or operational view of the cryptographic inventory to guide remediation, analyzing cryptographic posture and compliance to prioritize risks.
  • IBM Quantum Safe Remediator enables organizations to deploy and test quantum remediation patterns based on best practices to understand potential impacts on systems and assets as they prepare to deploy quantum safe solutions.

IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap shows milestones towards quantum safety technology

The IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap is IBM’s first technology roadmap towards advanced quantum security technology, designed to help organizations address anticipated cryptographic standards and requirements and protect systems against emerging vulnerabilities, say the signature IBM said this is made up of three key actions:

  • Identify cryptography usage, analyze dependencies, and generate a CBOM.
  • Analyze the cryptography posture of vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation based on risk.
  • Correct and mitigate with crypto-agility (the ability to quickly switch between encryption mechanisms such as algorithms and cryptographic primitives while minimizing the impact on other systems) and built-in automation.

Quantum Security Encryption Key to Address Quantum Threats

Secure quantum encryption is key to dealing with quantum-based cybersecurity threats of the future. Organizations are encouraged to get ahead of the quantum security encryption curve, starting with understanding which data has the longest life and how it might be at risk from future threats. Companies struggling should focus on identity, because even if they secure all of their encryption, if someone can access their identity system, anyone can gain “legitimate” access to systems and infrastructure.

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Ikaroa is proud to have its name associated with the successful launch of IBM’s new end-to-end quantum-safe security tools. This innovative technology is aimed at providing a comprehensive approach to data security that is ready to combat the future threats posed by quantum computers.

IBM has collaborated with leading quantum security expertise to create this quantum-safe security suite. It provides various protection strategies, ranging from quantum key management and encryption to end-to-end authentication and authorization. With these new tools, IBM strives to offer a robust solution to protect organizations’ sensitive data from the unprecedented computing power of emerging quantum computing technologies.

These tools offer a fantastic set of tools to help organizations secure their data from any kind of attack. The suite provides the first integrated ‘Quantum-Safe’ security technology, which consists of a range of components that form a complete and integrated solution to protect information. This provides customers with the strongest possible protection against emerging threats and potential cyber-attacks.

Ikaroa is proud to be part of the innovative success that IBM has achieved with the launch of its quantum-safe security tools. We are happy to be part of a company that provides businesses and government data with the sharpened security tools it needs to stay on top of a rapidly-evolving technological landscape. With this technology, we’re looking forward to a much brighter future in the world of data protection.


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