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Pharmacy solutions provider Fred IT has won the contract to deliver Australia’s national e-prescription delivery service.

It will offer the service through the eRx Script Exchange, which will ensure continuous access to a “robust and secure e-prescribing network.”

In a press release, the company shared some upcoming improvements to the national service, including:

  • The certainty that e-scripts and SMS will continue without transaction costs;

  • There is no individual billing or PBS online payment reconciliation for e-scripts;

  • Prescribing and dispensing software vendors will receive financial support for compliant e-prescribing and customer service solutions;

  • Strengthened cybersecurity posture and greater protections against clinical risk; i

  • Enhanced ability of all users to innovate and deliver patient-centered improvement.

eRx Script Exchange will help software vendors, prescribers and pharmacies transition to these new agreements, which begin July 1.


Last year, the Department of Health sought applications from technology providers to provide a prescription delivery service and an active script list registry for an initial four-year period. Fred IT, who won this tender, was behind the first e-scripts issue in Australia some 14 years ago.

When the pandemic hit, the Australian government allowed e-prescriptions to be issued as an alternative to paper prescriptions. Since May 2020, more than 56,000 prescribers, GPs and nurse practitioners, have issued more than 122 million e-scripts across the country, according to the latest count from the Australian Digital Health Agency.

The federal government has also been reimbursing the cost of sending writing slips via SMS. However, it will continue to do so until the end of June this year. Last year he started the the mandatory rollout of e-prescribing in Australian public hospitals, starting with Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia. The Australian government is further promoting e-prescribing by investing A$111.8 million ($76 million) over four years as part of the latest 2023-2024 budget.


“Healthcare professionals and patients have gained substantially from faster and more accurate medication services in the 14 years since Fred launched Australia’s first electronic prescriptions. Doctors, pharmacists and patients will benefit even more from ‘this next phase that rationalizes [the] network management and drives continuous innovation to support healthcare professionals and patients,” commented Paul Naismith, Fred IT CEO.

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Ikaroa is proud to announce that its partner company Fred IT has been awarded a major contract to provide a national e-prescription service, as per tech news outlet TechToday.

The deal follows a successful rollout of Fred IT’s e-prescription service to over 2,000 clinics across Australia. Fred IT is now taking its service national.

Fred IT’s e-prescription technology provides a user-friendly and streamlined platform for doctors and pharmacies alike, which will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of prescription referrals.

As part of the contract, the e-prescription system will be integrated with two of Australia’s major pharmacy systems, which will allow both parties to exchange doctor’s orders electronically and securely.

The contract adds to Ikaroa’s expanding portfolio of cutting-edge tech solutions, which aims to help reduce costs, improve healthcare and make life easier for professionals and patients alike.

At Ikaroa, we are committed to helping our partners, such as Fred IT, to deliver their mission of bringing innovative, high-tech solutions to the public and health sector. We are so pleased to be part of the success story behind Fred IT and wish them continued success in this venture.


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