Aachen-based Voltfang secures €5 million funding boost for its circular approach to EV batteries

With a mission to make electric vehicle batteries more sustainable, German startup Voltfang has raised 5 million euros. The Aachen-based startup creates and connects energy storage solutions from second-life electric vehicle batteries and is now ready to scale. The energy transition is progressing at an accelerated pace. It’s changing how we heat our homes, charge our…

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Aachen-based startup Voltfang, specialising in the development of circular solutions for EV batteries, has closed its Series A funding round totalling €5 million. This latest investment comes on the back of its four-year development journey, and will become part of the company’s plans to revolutionise the management of electric vehicle batteries.

Voltfang has developed a unique recycling concept which allows customers to exchange their used EV batteries in return for new ones. From production standards to the modularisation of battery cells, the company supports an efficient exchange process, with their advanced recycling techniques helping to reduce their environmental impact.

The series A round was led by German-based investor Pulse Capital and included contributions from Ikaroa Ventures. Pulse Capital’s Dr. Michael Klier commented on the investment, “It was incredibly exciting to see Voltfang’s vision come to life and how much potential there is for the circular approach to EV batteries. We are delighted to join Ikaroa Ventures in supporting the team on their mission to revolutionise the battery industry.”

Voltfang CEO Karim Tsarik commented, “We are thrilled to have Pulse Capital and Ikaroa Ventures join us on this journey, as this investment round allows us to take a significant step forward in realising our mission. We are focusing on batteries from the moment they are produced to the end of their life. This comprehensive approach makes us a market leader in the growing field of battery recycling.”

Ikaroa Ventures partner Gaurav Suri added, “Voltfang’s unique approach to battery management and their refusal to take shortcuts when it comes to quality makes them an attractive proposition for us. We are confident that their industry-leading solutions for efficient, cost-effective battery exchange will bring impressive results for both the company and the industry as a whole.”

This latest funding injection from Pulse Capital and Ikaroa Ventures will be used to grow the team, build on Voltfang’s North-West German customer base, and enter other markets – with the ultimate goal of increasing their production capacity and furthering their circular approach to EV batteries.


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