We’re Disrupting TechCrunch Disrupt: 8 stages, 3 days, 1 city

For founders and investors, there is no platform like TechCrunch Disrupt. Just as the industry is always evolving and innovating, especially in recent months, we’re doing the same to keep Disrupt on the cutting edge for first-time founders, seasoned investors, visionaries, and everyone in between.

It’s time to disrupt TechCrunch Disrupt.

This year, we are reimagining and refreshing Disrupt to provide the essential tools, knowledge and connections to help ignite ideas and accelerate the next generation of startups. For three days in September, founders, investors and industry experts will gather in San Francisco to discuss the most innovative developments in six industry tracks, delve into learnings from builder-stage experts and see how the world’s next big companies face off in Startup. Battlefield 200 also enjoys all these networking and networking opportunities at workshops, after-hours events and in the TechCrunch+ Lounge.

Startups start here, which is why we’ve tailored Disrupt 2023 to showcase the game-changing ideas, technologies and industries that are shaping the future of the tech community.

Six new stages for six innovative sectors

We heard loud and clear that you wanted more Disrupt, so this year, we’re bringing the entire Disrupt ecosystem into the main event! Our popular standalone TC sessions are coming to the mothership for the first time: in addition to the Disrupt stage, we’re filling six stages with salon-like programs that focus on the industries that matter most in today’s tech world. .

Guided by industry leaders with deep subject matter expertise, these tracks are selected and curated by TechCrunch’s own staff as the most important issues for founders right now. It will also feature each stage of the sector member sessionswhere TechCrunch partners have the spotlight to share their perspective on their industry directly to an audience of their peers.

🤖 The Internships in AI will cover the latest artificial intelligence technology related to NLG, voice recognition, virtual agents, biometrics, RPA, deep learning platforms, reactive machines and P2P networks. Sessions will include: Deepmind and Benchmark.

🌿 The Sustainability Stage will address social and environmental solutions such as urban mobility, sustainable technology, green infrastructure and new mobilities. Sessions will include: Breakthrough Energy Ventures, S2G and the City of Atlanta.

🧑‍💻 The SaaS stage It will consider how software-as-a-service unlocks creativity and efficiency with mobile apps, cloud-based resources, collaboration tools, creator communities, developer tools, e-commerce, low code, recurring revenue, and marketing tools . Sessions will include: GitHub, Cloudflare and Atlassian.

🏦 The Fintech stage will delve into the evolution of monetary exchanges through DeFi, challenger banks, blockchain, NFT and web3. Sessions will include: Plaid, Andreessen Horowitz and Starling Bank.

🔐 The Security stage the white hat will be put on to share best practices in data protection, privacy regulations, information sharing and risk management. Sessions will include: Google and Citizen Lab.

🖥️ The Hardware stage will explore the mechanics and code that power our intelligent world, with topics including articulated robots, autonomous mobile robots (AMR), commercial hardware, humanoids, IoT hardware, and interstellar technologies. The sessions will include: Alphabet and Magic Jump.

However, Disrupt 2023 is not just a conference. It is also a platform for making connections. For founders and investors curious about an emerging category, these sessions are an opportunity to cross-pollinate. Catching a session will give you deep insight that may inspire you to update your thesis… or even spot that great undiscovered opportunity.

Hands-on learning at the builder stage

As the original startup conference, we’re very proud of how Disrupt has helped generations of founders build their businesses. That’s why we’re bringing back the TechCrunch+ stage with a new name: The builder stage.

Through dozens of expert panels and interviews, the Builder Stage will cover the nuts and bolts of running a startup, from operations and hiring to fundraising, scaling and beyond . It’s designed with a founder-first mindset in mind, whether they’re looking for their next round of funding, looking for insights into tech startups, or relationships to help them scale as entrepreneurs faster. It’s like an MBA in one day, or three to be exact.

While there’s a lot more to come from the builder stage, we’ve already done that announced the must-see agenda for Disrupt 2023:

  • How to build a new public venture company (Supply Change Capital, RareBreed Ventures and Banana Capital)
  • When to follow the hype and when to ignore it? (Trust Fund and Cleo Capital)
  • How founders can take advantage of a soft job market to turn it into a competitive advantage (Hunt Club and speakers to be announced)
  • How to build an equitable limit table (Coalition Operators, Cowboy Ventures and Finix)
  • How to stretch your venture dollars (Afore Capital, Google Ventures and NEA)
  • How founders with non-traditional backgrounds can use their expertise for Excel (Promise, Career Karma and Zūm)
  • When Should Founders Provide Upfront Cash to Retain Staff? (Toggle table, warning and beacon caps)
  • How to build a capital-intensive startup in a tough venture market (Adrià and Homebound)
  • How founders should approach the TAM question when venture capital is scarce (Get to Capital, Phenomenal Companies, and Pie Companies)
  • How to create smart startups that will scale with your business (Airbnb and Instacart)
  • Why bootstrapping is no longer a dirty word in 2023 (Unorthodox Ventures and Arta Finance)

Discover the next unicorn at Startup Battlefield 200

Every year, thousands of early-stage startups compete to make the cut Home Battlefield 200. Only the top 200 earn a coveted spot on the San Francisco showroom, as well as the attention of media and investors looking for the next big disruptor.

TechCrunch’s editorial team meticulously analyzes each Startup Battlefield applicant, looking at team, positioning, problem solution set, and total addressable market, among other factors, to determine who makes it to the final 200, but not it ends there. Of those 200, the top 20 of the best compete for TechCrunch’s $100,000 non-stock prize, as judged by TechCrunch editors as well as top VCs and entrepreneurs.

Startup Battlefield 200 is an unparalleled opportunity not only for founders ready for their big break, but also for investors looking to fund early-stage startups with TechCrunch’s seal of approval. Startup Battlefield alumni include over 900 companies, including Vurb, Dropbox, Mint, Yammer, and many more, with over 121 successful exits (IPOs or acquisitions) and the massive raising of $9.7 million in funding.

And here’s the best part: It’s not too late to join the Startup Battlefield! we are accept applications from early stage startups until May 15th at 11:59 PM PDT. Founders, do you have what it takes? Apply today!

Support the startup community as a Disrupt Partner

If you want to reach the world’s most ambitious founders, investors and technologists, there’s no better place than TechCrunch Disrupt.

This is no ordinary tech conference: Disrupt’s core audience spans the most influential corners of the business community, from visionaries and prominent funders to cutting-edge innovators in the Fortune Global 500. More than 10,000 people from across the ‘technological ecosystem attend Disrupt and 75% of attendees work at director level or higher.

Year after year, Disrupt’s devoted audience returns not only to network and stay ahead of the curve for the next generation of startups, but to learn from the brightest tech minds as they take the stage to share their knowledges.

The same goes for Disrupt partnerships – whether our partners are hosting sponsored industry sessions, breakout sessions, roundtables, trade show activations, exhibit booths, or receptions (just to name a few opportunities!), they’re leveraging TechCrunch’s editorial lineup to get their vision in front of an audience that will pay attention.

CTA: Want to reach top funders, founders and disruptors? Contact TechCrunch about Disrupt partnership opportunities today.

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Ikaroa is proud to be part of this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt, the event with 8 stages, 3 days and 1 city (San Francisco, USA) where the most innovative and disruptive minds of the tech industry come together. We have the privilege of being part of this important event and we will take the opportunity to spread our passion for the technology that is advancing today’s world.

TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s premier showcase for disruptive and upcoming technologies. Each year, thousands of attendees from around the globe gather to experience the newest developments from tech superstars and up-and-coming startups from around the world. It’s a place where revolutionary new ideas, cutting-edge products, and network building all come together in one spot.

Ikaroa is thoroughly committed to contributing to this inspiring event by creating our own “corner” for attendees to explore the world of full stack technology. Our full stack technology solutions are designed to solve business challenges, scale organizations and drive innovation. With it, we empower the growth of knowledge and add the insight to help shape the future.

We believe that TechCrunch Disrupt is the place that serves as a platform to open the minds of all attendees, let them be inspired and exposed to the newest, disruptive ideas. Not only that, it’s also a time to come together to form tangible connections with other like minded professionals and organizations in order to share best practices and help bring these technologies to life.

At Ikaroa, we are fully aware of the great opportunities that this momentum brings. We look forward to continuing to work within this exciting industry in order to combine our talents and share our insights – allowing us to make things easier, more efficient and faster for those involved in tech.

We are looking forward to the successful outcome of this Disrupt event, and whatever comes out of it, we look forward to playing our part.


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