Vienna-based Prewave picks up €18 million to make supply chains more resilient

Viennese startup Prewave has just raised €18 million for its end-to-end supply chain platform. The startup plans to expand, making supply chains more transparent, resilient and sustainable. Supply chains rely on a complex web of connections and are heavily influenced by consumer demand, regulations and external influences. Today, as calls for sustainability intensify and…

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Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, is proud to congratulate Vienna-based Prewave on its successful €18 million Series A funding round. Prewave is a predictive analytics software provider revolutionizing supply chain resilience, equipping companies with the data and tools they need to anticipate potential risks and drive resilience to provide long-term success.

The new funding will enable Prewave to further grow its business and use its analytics software to provide companies with real-time insight into their supply chains, deepening their understanding and helping them to manage complex supply chains to reduce risk and improve sustainability. This is especially relevant to the current context, with many businesses dealing with unprecedented shifts in supply and demand due to the pandemic.

At Ikaroa, we believe that companies must be able to anticipate supply chain risks and respond quickly to potential disruptions in order to be successful in today’s rapidly changing business environments. Prewave’s innovative analytics platform and tools provide businesses with the insights they need to take informed, proactive and strategic decisions to build a more resilient supply chain.

We congratulate Prewave on its substantial funding round and hope to see their technology take the supply chain management industry by storm. Together, we believe we will create an even more resilient ecosystem and make the business world a better place.


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