Twitter to remove Inactive Accounts, Archive them

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Twitter to remove inactive accounts, archive them

The microblogging platform Twitter is overwhelmed with accounts that have remained dormant and inactive for several years. But those accounts will now be removed from the platform, CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet on Monday, claiming the move is important to “free up abandoned handles.” In a separate tweet, Musk added that inactive accounts will be moved to the archives, but did not specify how Twitter users will be able to access the archived accounts. The tech billionaire also specified that some users may see a drastic drop in follower numbers due to the removal of inactive accounts.


LinkedIn Announces Job Cuts, Shuts Down China App

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LinkedIn, the professional social media network owned by Microsoft, announced Monday that it will eliminate more than 700 jobs. LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said in a letter that job cuts will occur in sales, operations and support teams that will help streamline the company and make faster decisions. The Microsoft-owned social media network has nearly 20,000 employees worldwide. Separately, LinkedIn announced it will shut down its China-focused app, citing a “challenging environment in the country.” Its other China-focused app called “inCareers” will also be phased out on August 9ththe company added.


Qualcomm is buying Israeli auto chipmaker AutoTalks


The American chip manufacturing giant Qualcomm announced that it is all set to acquire the Israeli chip manufacturing company called “AutoTalks”, which specializes in the production of fabless semiconductors. According to TechCrunch, the entire deal has cost Qualcomm nearly $350-400 million. AutoTalks creates chips and vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology and everything dedicated to increasing road safety for both regular and driverless vehicles. With this acquisition, Qualcomm hopes to be in a better position to take advantage of the automotive industry, which it believes will be one of the main sources of revenue in the coming year.


Apple co-founder warns that AI will make it harder to detect scams

While speaking to the BBC, legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reiterated what has already been said countless times. Wozniak said he fears bad actors could take advantage of AI, making it harder to detect scams and misinformation. The 72-year-old veteran, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, stressed that the AI ​​sector certainly needs to be regulated. Wozniak was one of many tech leaders who signed an open letter in March calling on all leading companies to temporarily shut down all R&D work on AI projects.


TrueCaller and WhatsApp announce global partnership

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Sweden-based TrueCaller and instant messaging giant WhatsApp have announced a global partnership. Thanks to this global partnership, the TrueCaller caller ID feature will be available on WhatsApp, which will help WhatsApp users detect spam calls in both audio and video calls. Spam and scam calls have been one of the biggest problems faced by WhatsApp users and the instant messaging giant hopes to address this issue through this partnership. However, it is still not clear exactly when the caller ID feature will come to WhatsApp.

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Twitter have recently announced their plans to remove inactive accounts and archive them in order to give users an up-to-date and relevant Twitter experience.

This will impact users who have not used their accounts in the last 6 months or longer, so it is important for users to be aware of this significant change. Twitter are taking this action to ensure that the platform remains active and is up-to-date.

As part of this process, Twitter will remove some inactive accounts from follower counts, search and discovery surfaces, as well as from conversations. Content from removed accounts will still be available but will no longer be included in conversations, notifications and search results.

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