DigiCert’s DigiCert ONE platform now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Digital trust firm DigiCert has announced a partnership with Oracle to make DigiCert ONE available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). DigiCert ONE is a cloud-native SaaS platform that centrally secures and manages users, devices, servers, documents and software. Enterprises use OCI for a variety of functions, including secure infrastructure, applications, and workload management.

The partnership makes DigiCert ONE on OCI easy to deploy and scalable across customers’ single or multi-cloud environments, enabling users to find the right mix of solutions to securely meet their cloud needs, according to the two companies. Oracle and DigiCert will jointly market and co-sell DigiCert ONE, targeting new customers. DigiCert and Oracle also have plans to collaborate on further integration into the OCI ecosystem to help joint customers manage their digital trust initiatives in a unified architecture.

Partnership offers a combination of solutions to safeguard data and protect assets

Collaboration and deeply integrated security are some of the key reasons many of the world’s leading brands turn to OCI to help protect their clouds and data, said Mike Cavanagh, Group Vice President, Cloud ISV for in North America at Oracle, in a press release. Enabling access to DigiCert’s leading digital trust infrastructure at OCI provides customers with a powerful combination of solutions to safeguard their data and protect their assets, he added.

“OCI takes an open approach to collaborating with partners to help ensure our customers can find the right mix of solutions to securely meet their unique cloud needs,” he tells CSO. “We have built strong relationships with many players in the cloud space ranging from other hyperscalers to SaaS providers with specific solutions, such as DigiCert, that provide our shared customers with the exact capabilities they want in the regions they need” .

Oracle partnerships provide customers with additional solutions that complement Oracle’s security offerings, he adds. “OCI’s high-performance cloud infrastructure, built with a security-first mindset, combined with DigiCert’s digital trust capabilities, helps customers meet rigorous security and data residency requirements.

Digital trust strategies are neglected

New research from international IT governance professional association ISACA revealed that while most organizations see digital trust as key to business success, digital trust strategies are being neglected in a significant number of companies. The 2023 State of Digital Trust report surveyed more than 8,000 digital trust professionals. It found that companies with high levels of digital trust are more likely to have a positive reputation (70%), experience fewer privacy breaches (57%), experience fewer cyber security incidents (55%) and have more reliable data on which to make decisions and have stronger customer loyalty (51%).

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As the demand for secure digital experiences grows due to the ever-increasing security risks for individuals and businesses, the platform offered by DigiCert has become a critical component of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

DigiCert ONE is the all-in-one, modern identity management platform that helps organizations deliver and manage secure digital experiences. The platform automates the provisioning, delivery, visibility and renewal of digital identities, certificates, and credentials by providing secure, automated workflows across all public, private, and cloud environments.

The partnership between DigiCert and Oracle is part of the broader digitization trend we are witnessing today and marks a significant milestone in Oracle’s journey to provide customers with an ever-more secure and resilient infrastructure for their digital transformation needs. To serve customers’ data-driven workloads’ security requirements, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure worked with DigiCert to bring its DigiCert ONE platform onto the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s cloud platform. This has enabled customers to secure their digital workloads with the world’s most trusted certificate provider.

The DigiCert ONE platform provides an enterprise-class security solution that is both secure and resilient by providing automated provisioning, delivery, visibility, and renewal of digital identities, certificates, and credentials. This solution helps organizations and developers secure their digital experiences and comply with industry standards and certifications such as HIPAA, PCI, and SOC.

At Ikaroa, we recognize the importance of secure digital identities and the need to ensure that the digital experience is not only secure but also compliant. We leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to connect with DigiCert ONE in order to ensure that our customers have the highest levels of security and compliance. This allows us to provide our customers with the tools and services they need to build secure and resilient digital experiences for their customers.


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