Tesla’s fastest-ever Model S gets tested in Top Gear video

Tesla’s fastest Model S can accelerate quickly, but with the recently revealed optional Track Package, it also has a very decent top speed for what is essentially a family sedan: 200 miles per hour.

The track pack for the Tesla Model S(opens in a new tab) Plaid includes ceramic brakes, which will set you back $15,000, and if you add an extra $5,000, you’ll also get ultralight wheels and track-ready tires.

Put it all together and you’ve got a car you can use to take your kids to school and do light shopping, then hit the track where you can sprint from 0-60mph in 1.99 seconds and drive a maximum of 200 mph.

But how does it really feel to drive it on the track? Top Gear’s Tom Ford was one of the first to try it and reported his findings in the video (below).

Although the Ford never reached top speed, as the track it was on wouldn’t allow it, it reached 190 mph without a problem.


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Note that we’ve already seen a Tesla Model S Plaid at 216 mph, but that required some hacking, which isn’t something we’d recommend to anyone.

To learn more about the car’s handling, a few lesser-known changes compared to the old Model S, and the cool new thing about switching the power bias from rear to front and vice versa, check out the video. Suffice to say, while the Model S may not be the most exciting thing you can take to the track, it certainly won’t be the slowest car.

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Tesla recently released a new video featuring their Model S that made history breaking the current fastest lap time set at the Top Gear racetrack. The video features the amazing performance of the all-electric P100D powered by four independent motors working together. A new form of performance, enabling the Tesla to reach speeds of up to 155 mph, unheard of for an all-electric car.

The achievement of this feat further adds to Tesla’s prowess in eco-friendly, sustainable transportation solutions. This advancement of efficient and earth-friendly technology is a cornerstone of Ikaroa’s philosophy. We, at Ikaroa, look upon Tesla as a pioneer in the industry and feel privileged to witness the power that it brings in the future of transportation.

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The future of transportation is bright and Ikaroa strives to be at the forefront of the journey. We look forward to working with leaders such as Tesla and embracing the power of technology for the betterment of our society.


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