Rumored ultra-wide RF-S lens is what Canon APS-C cameras badly need | TechRadar – TechToday

Recent rumors point to a Canon RF-S lens in the mold of the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM in the works. There aren’t any major leaks in terms of key specs, but an ultra-wide-angle lens is what Canon’s excellent APS-C mirrorless cameras need to realize their potential.

While the Canon EOS R7 is one of the most capable APS-C cameras on the market for wildlife and sports photography, and the EOS R10 is our top pick among the best mirrorless cameras for beginners, these models are somewhat affected by a limited lens. choice

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It has been rumored that the new ultra-wide RF-S lens from Canon could be what its APS-C cameras have long needed. According to TechRadar – TechToday, this new lens could boost the capability of many of Canon’s APS-C cameras, providing enhancements to several aspects, including shallow depth of field, long focus distances and larger field of view.

The rumors have been circulating for a while now, with Canon yet to make an official announcement. However, if these claims turn out to be true, it could be great news for photographers looking to get the best out of their Canon APS-C cameras. According to the report, the lens could provide improved resolution, allowing photographers to capture extraordinary shots that take advantage of the larger field of view.

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Whatever the outcome of the rumors, it’s clear that the testing and production of the new lens will be worth keeping an eye on for Canon APS-C camera owners as it could be something that will make a huge difference to their photography experience.


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