Three Powerful Tactics Entrepreneurs Use For Instant Confidence

When you own a business, some days you feel on top of the world. Other days you feel like the world is out to get you. The difference is often in the framing and the confidence you have in your own skin and ability. But is it possible to maintain 100% confidence, all the time? Probably not. It’s likely to falter during the day, and that’s okay.

Knowing how to restore trust when it goes wrong will ensure that it doesn’t stop you from achieving your business goals. These entrepreneurs share how they instantly build trust during their workday, and they’re all things you can implement right now.

Remember your past victories

Tried and tested by entrepreneurs who have faced nerves and self-doubt, reminding yourself of what you’ve already achieved can give your confidence levels the boost they need. Create a metaphorical cookie jar of all your life deals and victories and dip it in for instant safety. Samantha from ICI CARE keeps a list of her past wins and overview on the wall where she works, making sure they are at eye level. “Having that reminder helps me pick up my brain before it spirals down,” she said. “Self-doubt is normal, but I keep my focus and energy on the achievement.”

Dana Marlowe of I Support The Girls does the same, but adds visual cues in the form of “photos, videos, or memories of past victories that remind you of your worthy accomplishments.” Medals, smiling photos and videos of when everything went well could be the intervention that changes your trajectory immediately. “Quick wins and small successes add up to bigger ones,” he added.

Elaine from Elaine Hughes Consultancy also remembers her successes and wants you to do the same. “Write down all the things you’ve accomplished in your life, which could be academic awards, personal goals, or accomplishments. Include anything you once thought you couldn’t do that you did in the end.” He said you should “put this list somewhere you can see it and remind yourself how awesome you are!” Hughes herself has “a physical disability in a society where I’m against the odds” and knows she has “I defied everything to achieve my success against the backdrop of all the odds.” Anything you’ve overcome in the past will help you overcome more in the future, you just have to remember that.

Embody the most confident version of you

Becoming a confident person starts with acting like one. When you don’t feel confident, you’re probably down, looking down, unconsciously finding reasons to believe you’re not cut out for it. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Louise Cox of Louise Cox PR leans on the physical components of confidence when she needs it. She advised you, “behave in a way that suggests you’re confident and self-assured, even if you don’t necessarily feel that way inside.” This may involve “standing up straighter, speaking more assertively, or making eye contact or smiling more often.” Once you do, your brain is tricked into trust. Fake it till you make it, for the most positive results.

Become the person you need to be to get things done by making a conversion with your future self. This is exactly what Founders PR’s Mario Sarceno practices, “projecting the future that someone with that desired confidence would do.” Sarceno, when experiencing low confidence from not knowing how to overcome an obstacle or create a solution to a problem, likes to “step out of my current situation, imagine a version of me that has overcome my situation, and list what they are” doing and they’ve done to get where they are.” With these steps outlined, “it’s much easier to see the path I have to follow and commit to it,” he added. Albert Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the same thought that created it So look for a different way of thinking.

Confidence is a state of mind, which means it’s also a choice. Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland, founder of Your Life Live It, knows this well, and explains that it’s also about “how you choose to see a new situation.” She knows, “I can be confident or choose not to be.” Like Sarceno, it incorporates visualization into the way forward. “If I choose to have confidence, I imagine the event and see myself in it confident, being the person I want to be. I watch myself on film in my head.” Foo-Ryland thinks about what he wants in specific detail and allows the film to unfold. “I actively choose to focus on what I want, rather than what I don’t want.” The reverse is also true. “Focusing on what you think might happen that is negative will create a poor quality mindset, and that in turn will create anxiety.” Nobody wants that. Visualize that everything is going well for get an instant hit of security and optimism.

Use positive affirmations and self-talk

When it comes to tactics for instant confidence, affirmations and self-talk are big. Mastering both can rewire your brain to a more useful channel and keep it there during any crisis. Selena Rezvani, leadership development speaker and author of Quick Confidence: Be Authentic, Create Connections and Make Bold Bets On Yourself, repeats mantras or short sound notes before a big moment. “They remind me that I am needed in this room and that I have the skills to serve the public at hand. They also affirm my resilience in case things go wrong.” Rezvani’s mantras include: “I belong in this boardroom” and “if it has to be, it’s up to me.” Concise and empowering mantras perfect for an important event.

Other fans of affirmations include Lydia Collins-Hussey, a pediatric allergy dietitian at The Milk Allergy Dietitian, who has created visual cues, with her list of ten “I am” statements on her desk bulletin board, “that I speak loudly”. every day.” She refers to them whenever she needs to, and they include statements like, “I’m an expert in my field, I’m worthy, I’m confident, I’m grateful.” What’s on your top ten list? Grab paper and pencil and write them down, then read them out loud and feel them come true.

Lauren Hope, executive director of the Second Service Foundation, has a simple phrase in mind, which she believes will help any business owner in their search for trust. That mantra is: “I can do hard things.” She knows that, “Everyone has to do hard things, even the people we put on pedestals. We can all do hard things, but we have to believe in ourselves and then we have to act.” Hope repeats this sentence to herself: “I can do hard things.” to her team members, “we can do hard things” and to his friends, “you can do hard things.” to remind everyone of “the incredible power they have inside.” Less victimhood, more control. Less wanting it to be easy, more courage when it isn’t. “Action is what separates the dreamers from the doers,” he added.

Remember your past victories to feel invincible in your own capacity, embody your most confident version to start acting like you would, and talk to yourself to prepare well and keep jumping over the obstacles that cross your path . Three powerful tactics for instant trust, tried and tested by entrepreneurs like you.

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In today’s world of countless tech startups, entrepreneurs’ need an edge to help stay ahead of the competition. Confidence is a key component of achieving success in any business endeavor. At Ikaroa, we understand the importance of cultivating self-confidence and have identified three powerful tactics entrepreneurs can use for instant confidence boosts and improved performance.

The first of these tactics is to plan and prepare thoroughly. When you’ve planned your day and have taken the time to go over the details and ensure everything is in place, your confidence level escalates. It’s that feeling of being prepared for whatever the day brings — knowing you’ve done everything within your power to stack the decks in your favor. This sense of security allows entrepreneurs to remain focused and to get better results.

The second tactic is to be honest with yourself and accept your shortcomings. As an entrepreneur, building your own business is never easy. You will likely make mistakes, but don’t let those mistakes bring you down. Taking action is a powerful tool for gaining the confidence to move forward. Being brutally honest with yourself and accepting the fact that life isn’t perfect can be liberating and allow you to become even more successful.

The third tactic is to focus on small wins. Setting big goals is necessary but focusing on small wins will make the big accomplishments more achievable. Celebrating each success, even if it is a small one, serves as reinforcement for continuing on your entrepreneurial pathway.

At Ikaroa, we know that one of the most important components of success is confidence, and these three strategies can help entrepreneurs create instant confidence and boost motivation. Once entrepreneurs have achieved self-assurance, their performance will quickly skyrocket, allowing them to reach their goals.


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