Google rolls out passkey support across accounts on all major platforms

Google has begun rolling out support for passkeys to Google Accounts across all major platforms, adding a new sign-in option that can be used alongside passwords and two-step verification. The tech giant announced the availability of passkeys on the eve of World Password Day as it looks to introduce more secure and reliable login options.

The release comes on the heels of Google’s updates on bringing passkey experiences to both Chrome and Android, as well as tech industry support for a common password-less login standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.

Passkeys are a form of passwordless authentication that looks set to become a key part of security. Passkeys represent a more secure authentication foundation for business security and, while not infallible, are far more reliable than passwords for customers, employees, and partners.

Passkeys for Google Accounts are available now and can be easily set up, according to Google. For Google Workspace accounts, administrators will soon have the option to enable passkeys for their end users during sign-in. Passwords and two-step authentication will continue to work for Google Accounts, the company said.

Password-dependent authentication is a major security issue for businesses

Password-only authentication is one of the biggest security issues facing businesses. Poor password hygiene, reuse, weak and stolen credentials have plagued organizations for years, exposing them to major threats and attacks such as account takeovers, data breaches and stolen identities.

The industry has long sought alternative and more secure means of authentication, with access keys central to many recent efforts. Passkeys are an approach to authentication that is multi-factor, with an emphasis on the device as the first factor. By pairing the device with another factor, passkeys evolve beyond the “what you know” style of security represented by passwords to a “what you have and what you know” approach.

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Google recently announced that its users can now use their passkey for secure authentication on all major platforms, including iOS, Android and Chrome OS. With the new passkey support, users will now be able to easily manage their accounts across all these platforms without having to use multiple passwords. As a result of this new functionality, users will have more control over their data while also getting access to some of Google’s more advanced features.

Ikaroa recognizes the importance of access to secure authentication systems and applauds Google’s plan to enable users to access data across all major systems using a single passkey. As part of its commitment to help customers protect their data and stay secure, Ikaroa offers a range of services that enable users to store and access sensitive information. From keeping users’ passwords safe, to providing data encryption software, Ikaroa is dedicated to helping customers keep their data safe and secure.


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