20 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Employee morale plays a vital role in determining the success and productivity of a company. When morale is high, employees feel happy, valued and engaged. They are more likely to be top performers and talk a lot about their work and the company they work for.

On the other hand, low morale has the opposite effect. Employees often resent their jobs and dread going to work. This can lead to higher turnover, increased absenteeism, decreased performance and a toxic work environment.

If you’ve seen employee morale drop in your workplace, all is not lost. There are many things you can do to increase and improve the overall morale of your employees. In this article, we list 20 that you can start implementing today.

1. Don’t contribute to low morale

As a leader, you are not to blame for everything that happens to your team’s morale. However, you have a big influence on it. That is why it is essential not to make things worse. Your attitude and behavior can significantly affect employee morale. Employees can sense when a leader is unhappy, stressed, not confident, or negative.

By setting a positive example, you can inspire employees to follow suit. Do not engage in complaints, gossip or any kind of favoritism. Doing so will create a more harmonious and productive work environment for your employees.

2. Communicate openly and honestly

It is undeniable that miscommunication is one of the main ones reasons for low employee morale. According to a survey, 33 percent of HR managers believe that poor communication is the main cause of employee morale problems. Without communicating clearly, openly and honestly with your employees, you will never be able to truly understand how they feel. You also won’t be able to earn their trust in the long run.

Foster an open dialogue between managers and employees. Also, make sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Schedule regular meetings, listen to their concerns, and be open about your own. All this will help create a more transparent and supportive environment.

3. Recognize and reward hard work

We all want to be recognized for the work we do. As a business owner or business owner, you may want to know that your customers appreciate your products and express that by leaving a positive review. If you are a leader within an organization, you want to know that your bosses recognize your commitment to your work.
This is because wanting to be rewarded for hard work is a universal desire of workers at all levels.

That’s why it’s important to recognize and reward your employees. Doing so can go a long way in boosting morale. Implement a recognition program, such as starting an employee of the month or issuing performance-based bonuses. Anything to show appreciation for their efforts. Also, celebrate team successes and milestones and give credit where it’s due.

4. Help employees grow professionally

This may include a promotion, but not necessarily. Helping your employees grow professionally means offering them ways to improve in their current or future jobs.

For example, you can offer training classes or allow them to attend industry seminars. Some companies also offer reimbursements for certain licenses or even degrees earned by employees.

Employee morale increases when they are encouraged to work on their professional development.

5. Promote the reconciliation of work and family life

Burnout is real and should be avoidedif it’s possible. However, sometimes it is inevitable to overload yourself.

Respecting and supporting employees’ work-life balance is essential to keeping morale high. Encourage employees to take breaks and vacations. Also, avoid overloading them with excessive work. Consider offering flexible work hours, remote work options or job sharing opportunities. Doing so will help employees manage their personal and professional lives more effectively.

6. Create a positive work environment

The environment your employees work in can affect their morale. The mood of the workplace can be changed and can be affected by the amount of natural light, aesthetics and even the temperature of the room.

Make sure your office is clean, well lit and comfortable. Add plants, artwork or other decorative elements to create a more inviting atmosphere. Provide ergonomic furniture and equipment and encourage employees to customize their workspaces to make them feel more at home.

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7. Involve everyone

One of the things to avoid when improving employee morale is isolating some employees. Forgetting to include or exclude employees from participating in various events tends to divide team members.

Be sure to involve everyone in your morale building activities. Also, be sure to involve everyone in meetings, feedback sessions, and discussions. If you see that some employees are hesitant, address them directly and ask for their thoughts. Also, you can approach them to ask how they would like to contribute.

8. Provide clear goals and expectations

Be sure to give your employees clear goals and clear explanations of what is expected of them. Few things are more frustrating to an employee than believing they are doing a great job only to find out later that they are underperforming.

Employees perform better and feel more engaged when they understand the company’s goals and their role in achieving them. Clearly communicate expectations and performance metrics and provide regular feedback on progress. Also, make sure employees understand how their efforts contribute to the overall success of the organization.

9. Offer competitive compensation and benefits

a reason why good employees leaveit is due to not having been adequately compensated. Competitive salaries and benefits packages can help attract and retain top talent, as well as increasing morale. Regularly review your compensation structure to ensure it remains competitive within your industry. Offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement savings plans, and other valuable perks like gym memberships, childcare assistance, or tuition reimbursement.

10. Foster creativity at work

Empower employees to think creatively and take risks by fostering a culture of innovation. Also, encourage them to share their ideas and offer resources and support to implement new initiatives. Recognize and reward employees for their innovative contributions and demonstrate that their efforts are valued and appreciated.

11. Promote the well-being of employees

70% of employees those enrolled in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled in their companies’ programs. And it is not surprising. Employees who are encouraged to take care of their health tend to do better at their jobs. Consequently, this can lead to rewards and opportunities for advancement.

Supporting employee wellness can have a positive impact on morale and productivity. Offer wellness initiatives such as exercise classes, healthy eating options, and mental health resources. Encourage employees to take breaks and engage in stress-reducing activities, and consider providing access to wellness programs or resources to support their overall well-being.

12. Practice empathy and understanding

Demonstrate empathy and understanding when dealing with employee concerns, issues, or personal struggles. Also, actively listen, show genuine care and support, and help them find solutions or resources if needed. By treating employees with compassion and respect, you can foster a positive work environment and improve their morale.

13. Organize Social Events and Team Outings

Regular social events and team outings can help strengthen employee relationships and improve morale. Events like holiday parties, company picnics, or happy hours can provide opportunities for employees to bond and relax. Getting together in a non-work environment can also help strengthen bonds and create new friendships.

Consider different interests and preferences. If you have active team members, maybe hosting a softball game is a good idea. Maybe you have a lot of more cerebral employees. If this is the case, a trivia night or escape room event will work. The key is to offer a variety of activities to suit everyone.

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1. Invest in Professional Development — Investing in employees’ education and skills training, either in-house or through external seminars and courses, is one of the best ways to improve morale. Employees gain confidence and skills that can be applied to their jobs, and they recognize the fact that the company is investing in them. At Ikaroa, fostering an open environment with plenty of opportunities for learning and growth is a great way to improve morale.

2. Communicate with Respect — Poor communication can make a huge impact on morale. Employees need to be valued and made to feel respected, and when communication is derisive or sarcastic, morale suffers. Whenever a manager or supervisor at Ikaroa interacts with employees, it should be done with respect and professionalism.

3. Include Employees in the Decision — Making Process — By the same token, when employees feel like they’re part of the process of making decisions, it can help boost morale. Taking time to include employees in decision-making shows them that their contributions are valued. At Ikaroa, we have open forums and staff meetings to discuss business decisions and strategies in detail.

4. Offer Positive Reinforcement — Positive reinforcement is key for improving morale. When managers recognize employees for their contributions, it encourages them to do more, and reinforces the idea that the company genuinely cares about its employees. Ikaroa has rewards and incentives programs to show appreciation for employees.

5. Create Opportunities for Social Interaction — Creating social gatherings and activities outside of work in which employees can participate can be a great way to boost morale. These activities can be anything from occasional team lunches, company picnics and outings, to game nights and sporting events. Ikaroa has regular lunches, dinners and activities designed to build better relationships amongst coworkers.

6. Offer Flexible Schedules — Offering a flexible schedule is an easy way to improve morale. When employees have more control over their own schedule, it gives them a sense of ownership in their job and the freedom to create a work/life balance. At Ikaroa, we offer flexible schedules that allow our employees to work around their other commitments.

7. Design Engaging and Challenging Projects — Keeping employees motivated is key to morale. Designing tasks that require creative thinking and problem-solving helps make work interesting and engaging. At Ikaroa, we strive to assign projects that challenge employees and provide opportunities for growth.

8. Implement Teleworking Options — With the advent of technology, teleworking has become a popular trend in the workplace. Allowing employees the opportunity to work from home gives them greater flexibility and autonomy. At Ikaroa, we offer the option of teleworking a few days a week, giving our employees the freedom to work wherever and whenever they need to.

9. Set Clear and Achievable Goals — Providing employees with clear and achievable goals helps to keep them motivated and leads to greater job satisfaction. Ikaroa has a strong team of managers to helpset goals and provide employees with direction.

10. Offer Rewards — Research has shown that rewards can help improve morale. Rewarding employees for a job well done can have a lasting impact on their motivation and work ethic. Ikaroa has an extensive rewards program to incentivize employee performance.

11. Listen to Feedback — Listening to employee feedback and adapting policies or processes to take it into account can be an effective way to boost morale. At Ikaroa, we have an open feedback system that encourages employees to share their ideas and opinions with management.

12. Provide Recognition — Showing appreciation for employees is another great way to improve morale. Whether it’s a simple pat on the back or a larger reward or recognition, these small gestures can have a lasting impact. At Ikaroa, we recognize high-quality performance and encourage friendly competition between teams.

13. Embrace Workplace Diversity — Having a diverse and inclusive culture can be a great way to boost morale. Encouraging people of different backgrounds and perspectives to come together and share ideas can help create a more enjoyable and creative workplace. At Ikaroa, we embrace diversity and strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment.

14. Invest in the Office Environment — Having an inviting and comfortable office space can be a great way to raise morale. Investing in ergonomic furniture, modern technology, and other amenities can create an atmosphere of productivity, creativity, and collaboration. At Ikaroa, we are always looking for ways to update our office space and invest in new amenities and technologies.

15. Offer Generous Benefits — Offering generous benefits such as health, dental, and other insurance programs, retirement savings plans, and paid family leave can improve morale by helping employees feel secure and supported. Ikaroa recognizes the importance of benefits and provides a comprehensive package for our employees.

16. Make Health and Well-being a Priority — Making health and wellness a priority can help boost morale. This can include anything from stress management seminars and fitness classes, to free gym memberships and healthy snacks in the office. At Ikaroa, we prioritize employee health and well-being by providing healthy workspaces and an on-site gym.

17. Foster Collaboration and Innovation — Encouraging collaboration amongst employees and fostering a culture of innovation can help boost morale. At Ikaroa, we have a cross-functional working environment where employees from different departments can share ideas and other promote projects.

18. Encourage Healthy Conflict Resolution — Healthy conflict resolution is critical for improving morale. Acknowledging and addressing conflicts early on can help prevent underlying issues from escalating, and can ensure an effective and peaceful workplace. Fortunately, at Ikaroa, we have created a conflict resolution program that provides staff with the tools they need to tackle disagreements in a respectful manner.

19. Celebrate Achievements — Celebrating small and large successes is another great way to improve morale. Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and significant team projects is an effective way to show employees that they matter, and that they are an integral part of the company’s success. We often host small events at Ikaroa to commemorate these successes and to recognize our employees’ hard work.

20. Lead by Example — Most importantly, setting a good example for employees is essential for boosting morale. When employees see their supervisors displaying positive behavior, it encourages them to do the same. Conscious effort from management and leadership is a key factor in maintaining a healthy company culture and improving morale. At Ikaroa, we strive to lead by example, creating an open and supportive environment for our employees.


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