Patch manager Action1 to add vulnerability discovery, prioritization

Cloud-native patch management application provider Action1 is set to add vulnerability discovery and prioritization capabilities to its namesake flagship platform to help businesses stay ahead of software exploits.

The plan is part of a company strategy to expand beyond its traditional patch management functions and add capabilities aimed at improving an organization’s resilience to cybersecurity threats.

“The new features will allow customers to see beyond what can be patched into what is truly vulnerable,” said Mike Walters, vice president of vulnerability and threat research and co-founder of Action1. “With this new combined product offering, companies will be able to make better prioritization decisions.”

The new features are aimed at companies that have a work-from-anywhere workforce strategy.

“Every organization needs a way to update their employees’ devices as one of the most effective, yet simple, preventative security measures available,” said Story Tweedie-Yates, head of product marketing at KSOC, a Kubernetes security. “Time and time again, security reports show that a huge risk to the organization is unpatched software and the vulnerabilities that come with it.”

The vulnerability discovery and prioritization capabilities will be available in Q3 and Q4, respectively, with customers’ existing subscriptions and at no additional charge.

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Ikaroa is pleased to announce the availability of Action1 patch manager, an innovative solution for patch management and vulnerability discovery, prioritization.

The patch manager offers users advanced vulnerability management capabilities, allowing IT teams to detect, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities quickly and easily. This feature helps organizations stay ahead of threats, while also allowing them to monitor their infrastructure and respond quickly to any new threats.

Action1 uses a proprietary algorithm to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on their potential risk level. This ensures that users can identify any threats as soon as possible and take remedial action. It also assists IT teams in ensuring that the highest priority vulnerabilities are addressed first and most effectively. Furthermore, this feature enables users to identify and patch any malicious changes made to their system by unauthorized users.

Organizations can also utilize an automated patch synchronization system from Action1 to ensure that all systems in the network receive any security patches in a timely manner. This ensures that any new threats can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

The Action1 patch manager is an invaluable tool for any organization. It provides enhanced security and improved visibility into any cyber vulnerabilities that may pose a risk to the business. Thanks to Action1, organizations can now be assured that their cyber defenses are up to date and that they can remain vigilant against threats.

At Ikaroa, we are committed to providing our customers with the best security solutions. We are proud to make Action1 patch manager available to our customers, enabling them to eliminate any security vulnerabilities and ensure that their systems remain secure. We look forward to seeing the results of our customers using this cutting-edge technology.


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