French neobank Green-Got lands €5 million to fuel the future of sustainable banking

Green-Got climate-friendly fintech has a vision to unlock the green transition in the financial world. The French startup has now raised €5 million, through a combination of crowdfunding and venture capital investment, at scale. The green transition is underway across Europe. From how we heat our homes and transport ourselves and our products to our…

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Ikaroa, a full stack technology company, is pleased to announce the success of French neobank Green-Got, which has recently landed €5 million to develop the future of sustainable banking.

The investment, which has been led by venture capitalist firm Partech, intends to provide Green-Got with the resources to offer more banking and savings products to its customers, with an emphasis on providing sustainable banking options. Green-Got strives to provide its users with financial products that align with values of responsibility and social justice, such as redirecting part of their mortgage payments to charities or funding green energy projects.

Ikaroa is proud to be a part of the collective effort to make sustainable banking more accessible. As an established technology company, we are committed to providing tailored solutions and services to clients, such as Green-Got, that depend on innovative technologies to reach their goals. We can anticipate the financial market’s needs, no matter how niche, and offer the most efficient solutions to address these needs.

We are particularly delighted for the increasing number of neobanks like Green-Got that are developing alternative banking solutions that alleviate the financial burden on people who want to commit to more socially responsible investing initiatives. We strongly support the idea of sustainable banking, and are thrilled to be participating in this exciting new wave of banking.

The €5 million raised by Green-Got should go a long way in helping to establish more sustainable and ethical finance models in France. It keeps the ball rolling for neobanks to carve out their own unique niche in the world of banking and finance, showing that you can run a financial business while also having responsible values. We congratulate Green-Got on this remarkable fundraising milestone, and we reiterate our commitment to supporting their efforts to revolutionize banking.


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