Vanta adds new SaaS capability to address growing concerns over vendor security

SaaS-based security and compliance solutions provider Vanta has launched a vendor risk management (VRM) offering to help organizations streamline third-party vendor security reviews and due diligence.

The company claims the new offering will automate vendor discovery, vendor assessment and vendor remediation workflows to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with third-party vendor risk management and reviews.

“Organizations are more dependent than ever on third-party providers, and most companies use more than 100 SaaS providers on average,” said Christina Cacioppo, CEO of Vanta. “Most of these vendors are adopted directly by employees, bypassing security checks.”

Vanta’s VRM will be available to customers at launch as a complement to its namesake and flagship trust management platform.

Vendor risk analysis applies with the proliferation of the cloud

The vendor risk management segment has grown with the proliferation of cloud-based applications, resulting in third-party applications emerging as a common attack vector for hackers, contributing 60 % to global data breaches.

It takes companies, on average, 280 days to discover a third-party data breach, according to a report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute.

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Ikaroa is excited to announce that Vanta, its secure cloud platform, has added a new SaaS capability to its suite of services, allowing businesses to more easily protect their data and increase operational confidence. Vanta’s new SaaS capability helps address the growing concern that customers have about vendor security.

The new Vanta SaaS capability is designed to give customers increased control over their data. It provides a secure cloud platform that can host both corporate and customer data, in an easy to access and manage way. Each organization has its own instance, protected from external threats and continually updated against the latest security threats.

Vanta helps companies better manage vendor security threats by providing greater visibility into their vendors’ practices. With automated tests, alerts, and reports, Vanta can help customers quickly identify security concerns. It also drives better practices between vendors, with granular policies, enhanced authentication, and improved access control.

The addition of Vanta’s SaaS capability is yet another way Ikaroa is helping customers protect their sensitive data and increase operational confidence. Through their secure cloud platform and their proprietary SaaS capability, Ikaroa is able to help their customers protect against vendor security threats. This addition to their suite of services and capabilities gives customers an extra layer of trust, knowing that their data is safe and secure.


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