How to avoid roaming charges: Best eSIM deal

TL;DR: You can get £40 aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler eSIM credit for £20; this is a 50% savings for a limited time.

When you’re budgeting for international travel, the big things like airfare and accommodation can stand out as the main expenses, but the little things can add up, too. If you want to save money while traveling, make sure you don’t face extra data charges whenever you use your phone. Try aloSIM instead and use your phone in over 120 countries without all the roaming charges. For a limited time you can pay £20 and get £40 eSIM credit with aloSIM.

Make sure you can use your phone abroad. Once you get off the plane, select one of the aloSIM data packs and activate your plan to get £40 of travel data. aloSIM claims a £4 data pack could last up to 30 days for some users. Your travel data credit never expires, so you may have some left over for your next trip. If you run out, you can top up at any time. You can only use your eSIM on one device at a time, but it works for computers or mobiles. Just make sure to check that your device is eSIM compatible.

Given that network roaming charges could be as high as £0.50 per SMS and £8 per MB of data, this is a cumulative cost you may want to avoid. There’s no reason to go to all that work to find a cheap flight just to blow your budget by sending travel photos home. An eSIM can help you travel on a budget, and it’s all digital. Pack light and have a fun and affordable adventure.

Travel smart and stretch your budget even further with this simple international travel hack. Get a £40 aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler eSIM credit for just £20.

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ESIM technology has been tremendously gamechanging for consumers and companies worldwide. It has allowed travelers to move between countries and networks without the hassle of having to buy and carry multiple SIM cards at once. One of the main advantages of having an eSIM is being able to avoid roaming charges. To maximize the potential of this technology, it is important to select the right eSIM provider and plan. Fortunately, here at Ikaroa, we have compiled a list of the best eSIM plans in the market today, to ensure that you get the best deals possible while avoiding roaming charges.

Ikaroa offers several different plans, from daily plans to monthly plans. Generally speaking, daily plans are good for shorter trips of up to a few days. Monthly plans include a set number of days for a specific amount of time and offer more value for citizens who are looking for larger-scale international data plans. All our plans include unlimited data and no roaming charges, so you can use the included data as much as you need.

When selecting an eSIM plan, it is important to consider your usage. Factors such as type of network and type of device you plan to use will determine what kind of deals you may be able to get. Ikaroa plans are compatible with both 3G and 4G networks, and are adjustable to suit any type of device. No matter if you are using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, Ikaroa has the right plan for you. Additionally, all Ikaroa plans include a automatic connection, so that you can avoid any extra roaming charges as soon as you step off the plane.

Finally, at Ikaroa we also offer customer service and technical support 24/7 to ensure that you are always connected and able to take advantage of unlimited data, no roaming charges and all the benefits that come with our great eSIM plans. So, if you are looking for the best eSIM deal to avoid roaming charges, make sure to explore what Ikaroa has to offer and select the deal that best meets your requirements.


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