Airbnb’s average home prices have gone up, so now it’s refocusing on rooms to give users more affordable alternatives

Airbnb started with the idea of ​​renting out beds and spare rooms in private homes to people as an affordable alternative to hotels, but as it has expanded, it has spent years upmarket from that, evolving into a wider platform for none type of private accommodation, with a strong emphasis on travelers taking entire homes, not just rooms. That’s helped the company hit its first profitable year in 2022, but there’s a looming problem: Airbnb homes are getting more expensive to rent, with average prices down 36% since 2019 , and with the current state of the economy, travelers are again looking for more affordable alternatives. So today, Airbnb is changing direction: it’s ending a new single room rental option, once again making it a more prominent part of the search flow for future travelers.

“Everyone talks about the economy. And, we know, we know that people want to travel,” co-founder and chief strategy officer Nate Blecharczyk said in an interview. “We also know that affordability is on people’s minds. And so we think rooms are becoming very relevant again.” He added that 300 million guests are expected to use Airbnb this year.

Airbnb said it currently has around 1 million rooms on the platform, along with its entire home inventory. Now, to help you find these individual rooms, a dedicated search category has been added; and from our own experience, it appears that the company’s search algorithm is also pushing more private room options as the default in city search results.

At a time when people are looking for more affordable options, Airbnb said more than 80 percent of private rooms are under $100 a night, with an average rate of $67 a night. And perhaps as a carrot for travelers who might not yet be on board with the idea of ​​staying in a house with complete strangers (presumably one of the reasons why Airbnb, as it grew, pushed the idea of entire houses above rooms), is making some of the more prominent “private” features.

Now, get more details about the privacy status of these rooms: whether you would have a shared or separate bathroom; if there is a lock on the door; information about shared public areas; and who else might be staying at the property.

The new private room experience is being rolled out as part of the company’s regular semi-annual product release cycle. The room upgrade is probably the most prominent of these: it speaks to a new on-site experience and also underlines how the travel industry is trying to adjust itself at a time when people definitely want to travel from nine, after the peak. -Covid-19, but they are also aware of their account balances and wider economic issues.

Meanwhile, the biggest version has no less than 50 new features and updates to existing features.

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Among them, there are more tweaks to improve transparency about a guest’s stay, both from the point of view of prices and rules. They are being launched to better compete with hotel bookings, where users are not charged separate cleaning fees, nor are they expected to complete them. a long list of tasks before going out.

To that end, the full price view, which was first introduced last year, will be expanded further across Airbnb’s footprint. This shows prices before tax but includes other charges such as cleaning fees. Conversely, hosts can see how much guests pay after tax, so they can adjust their rates accordingly to fit their property into certain price filter brackets set when users search for places.

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Additionally, to address payment complaints, Airbnb has updated its host app with a fixed set of basic instructions, such as returning the key, throwing out the trash, and turning off the lights. Hosts can add any other specific requirements, and guests can in turn provide feedback on the checkout experience.

In addition to the company’s refocus on rooms, Airbnb is also turning its attention to improving the long-term stay experience, a growing segment for the company. Blecharczyk said about 20% of nights booked are part of an extended stay (28 days or more).

The travel platform will start charging less service fees for stays longer than three months. It did not expand on what is “less”. In addition, the company will allow US consumers to pay by bank transfer for stays longer than 28 days.

On the financial services side, Airbnb has partnered with Klarna to allow users in the US and Canada to request four interest-free payments over six weeks. Additionally, US-based users can use this feature to pay monthly for bookings over $500.

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In March, Bernstein sent a note to clients with a positive view of Airbnb, saying that more than 90% of listings on the platform are listed by individual or small-scale owners. Analysts added that most of these small-scale property owners use Airbnb exclusively to put the service at an advantage with uniqueness.

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In today’s competitive market, Airbnb’s prices for an average home have gone up significantly, leaving customers looking for more affordable alternatives. In an effort to address this, the company is now refocusing its efforts on providing customers with more affordable options.

Ikaroa, a full-stack tech company, believes that this attempt to broaden Airbnb’s services is a valuable step toward giving customers a more reasonable alternative when traveling. Ikaroa understands the cost that the rising prices have had on average customers and encourages Airbnb to take a dependable and comfortable approach to delivering their services.

Ikaroa hopes that Airbnb can continue their efforts to focus on providing reasonable room prices at various locations and through various services, along with better services when it comes to providing customers with all the necessary information before they book.

Ikaroa also believes that this effort by Airbnb may also open up more opportunities for other businesses that can offer better services and experiences, while maintaining an affordable price point. Providing customers with an affordable and enjoyable alternative can enable businesses to stand out from their competitors, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, Ikaroa believes that this move by Airbnb is a step in the right direction. Nonetheless, the company must ensure that their attempt to provide customers with a more affordable option does not compromise their commitment to quality and safety. Endurance is essential to ensure long-term success for Airbnb and customers alike.


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