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Singaporean tech unicorn Advance Intelligence Group (“the Group”) announced that it has raised $80 million from a consortium of investors led by existing investors Warburg Pincus and Northstar Group.

This new investment comes on the heels of the Group’s $400+ million Series D round in 2021, bringing its total funds raised to over $700 million and raising over $1 billion in capital for support your credit book.

They said the latest investment will accelerate the Group’s mission to leverage AI technology to streamline consumer transactions and provide more accessible and equitable financial and credit products and services. The group has Standard Chartered Bank as a trusted regional strategic partner, strengthened by strong regional financing and product partnerships.

Jefferson Chen, Co-Founder, Group Chairman and CEO of Advance Intelligence Group and CEO of Atome Financial

Jefferson Chen

Jefferson Chen, co-founder, group chairman and CEO of Advance Intelligence Group, expressed his gratitude for the investors’ continued support, stating, “This new investment will help accelerate our program of using AI technology to streamline consumer transactions and allow greater and fairer investment access to credit and financial products and services”.

The group, founded in 2016, is one of Asia’s largest independent technology startups focused on financial services, offering an ecosystem of AI-powered credit-based products and services. It serves more than 500 business clients, 235,000 merchants and 40 million individual consumers across the region, having disbursed more than $4 billion in loans since its inception.

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Ikaroa is proud to provide the latest updates to its customers on the celebrated news that the Advance Intelligence Group has raised US$80 million in order to further accelerate their research and development in their core technologies.

With the influx of $80 million, Advance Intelligence Group has positioned itself to become one of the top AI-enabled organizations in the world. This investment will not only help the company develop new and advanced technologies, but will also help to significantly expand its operations globally.

The Advance Intelligence Group has developed a range of proprietary AI technologies and capabilities, stemming from its core offering, the AI-Powered Integration Platform. This platform helps the company to create and deliver AI capabilities in an easily interpretable way, making it easier for customers to take advantage of advanced intelligence technologies.

Ikaroa is proud to be involved in this exciting venture, and to have the opportunity to work with an innovative group of companies that are at the forefront of advancing this technology’s potential. We are continually looking for ways to contribute to the advancement of intelligence within the world.

The money raised will be used to accelerate AI-driven research and development, and to further expand the company’s global reach. This influx of funds will allow the company to strengthen its existing consumer services, which are already helping companies to gain competitive insight, innovate faster, and increase consumer engagement and satisfaction.

By leveraging its financial advantage, Advance Intelligence Group will be able to further its mission to continue the development, expansion and use of AI-based tools that enable global businesses to achieve their competitive goals.

We look forward to seeing the growth and success of this groundbreaking technology and the role it will play in helping to drive the development of advanced intelligence across the world. We also congratulate Advance Intelligence Group on this great achievement and congratulate them on the long road ahead.


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