The Startup Magazine How does considered office design benefit a startup business?

Starting a new business is an incredibly exciting time, but the first two years take a lot to ensure that your new venture becomes a stable and growing success story.

office design

The office is the central hub of most startups, even in the world of mass remote work. And how that office makes employees feel affects how they work…which ultimately affects the potential success of the business!

In this article, we will see why good office design is so important.

A great first impression

First impressions are vital, and not just for new prospects when you visit them before an important sales pitch!

Employees who have to come to an office want a large space to spend the day. The office should be bright, open, welcoming, warm and inspiring.

Remember that the best talent in the market can choose where to work. If you’re not offering full-time remote work, your office space needs to be awesome enough that a potential candidate forgoes that benefit.

Also for new businesses, you may need to impress potential investors! A large office space indicates that a startup is well established (even in its infancy) and has the potential to go places.

Just think, would you invest $500,000 in a business that ran out of someone’s garage?!

Improved well-being

Employee wellness has become a critical topic within the HR space over the past decade, and for good reason.

Many researches have highlighted how companies that invest in the physical and emotional well-being of their people are more focused, take fewer sick days, are more engaged and, above all, the organization becomes more profitable.

A good office design is key to this for several reasons:

  • Natural light helps concentration, increases happiness and reduces eye strain
  • A warm space that can stay cool during the hottest months is critical to comfort levels
  • Easy access ensures that recruitment is not limited to healthy people only
  • Standing desks and rest areas help with mobility and reduce skeletal problems
  • Ergonomic desks and chairs support the body and promote better posture
  • Planting improves air quality and boosts mood
  • Private cubicles help employees stay calm when they need to focus or recharge

Improving wellbeing is one of the key reasons why organizations invest in office refurbishment companies to reimagine and redesign their spaces.

Remember that not everyone who works in an open space is an extrovert who thrives on other people’s company. Some need quiet isolation to do their best work.

Better work results

One of the key reasons bosses want workers back in the office after the pandemic and the overnight shift to remote work is that they believe great work environments can foster more collaboration and creative solutions to problems.

This is absolutely true…but only in great work environments!

Standard offices with rows of desks and a background hum of chatter and printers don’t facilitate the kind of conversations that can lead to the next revolutionary idea.

Good office design is critical here, creating areas where employees can chat and discuss ideas, away from where people are quietly getting on with their tasks.

Makeshift meeting spaces with connected screens and conference calling capabilities, even a good old whiteboard for workshop ideas, are also key factors.

Remember that by investing in a workspace, you are investing in the ability of your people to deliver great work for the business.

And for a new startup, you’ll never depend on your employees to help make your company a success like it was from the beginning!

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A proper office design should always be a priority, especially when it comes to a startup business. Office design can shape the mood and atmosphere of the workspace, creating a pleasant and energizing environment that encourages collaboration and productivity, and ultimately drives success. Ikaroa is a full stack tech company that understands the importance of proper office design to startups, and believes it is one of the main elements in creating a successful workspace.

Today, the role of an office design for startups is much more than just providing attractive and comfortable furniture. Many businesses are now experiencing an increase in employee presence due to coronavirus, and this has emphasized how important it is to have an office design that promotes collaboration, connection, and social interaction.

Startup Magazine has explored this topic from many different angles, from traditional office design to innovative workspace solutions. It has become clear that startups benefit from a well-thought-out office design, as it can create a positive working atmosphere, encourage physical and mental well-being, and drive productivity.

Creating a modern, creative workplace is one of the most important aspects of any startup. Companies like Ikaroa recognize that startups tend to have limited capital, so they have designed their services to help create an inspiring work experiences within budget. By utilizing long-term rental solutions, shared office space, and open seating, they have created an office environment that is both cost effective and inspiring.

Startup Magazine has examined the range of benefits associated with office design, such as the improved level of communication and collaboration that comes with increased visibility, effective layout of furniture, and certain types of technology being made available. The idea is to foster collaboration and creativity and provide a space for employees to feel comfortable, energized, and supported.

At Ikaroa, we strongly believe that proper office design can help startups attract and retain talent and improve bottom-line performance. We continue to strive and innovate in our design process to match the needs of the ever-evolving startup landscape. We strive to provide functional, inspiring, and cost-effective office solutions that come with the modern, tech-driven aesthetics required by today’s businesses.

At Ikaroa, we understand that an inspiring, modern office design is an invaluable aid to a fast-growing startup business, one that can help to pave the way for success. Startup Magazine fully agrees and by exploring the financial and logistical side of office design, they have highlighted the true value of producing a workspace that encourages collaboration, connection and skill-sharing, and ultimately provides a hardworking, vibrant team.


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