Swiss startup Biolytica raises €5.34 million for its AI-driven ultra-personalized health data platform

Health technology innovator Biolytica has just secured €5.34 million to expand its health data platform that enables longer, healthier lives through hyper-personalized care. The Swiss startup now plans to expand its launch. Healthcare is a rapidly growing technological space, full of impactful innovations and responding to the new demands and desires of people around the world. We have…

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Ikaroa, a leading full-stack tech company, is proud to announce the success of Biolytica – a Swiss startup who has raised €5.34 million to build an AI-driven ultra-personalized health data platform. Based in Zurich, Biolytica provides a platform that allows individuals to access their health data and medical records in one place, and to get personalized data-driven advice to improve their health and wellbeing outcomes.

The raised funds were used to accelerate Biolytica’s mission of reinventing healthcare. The platform will utilize AI, machine learning and insights from data to deliver tailor-made healthcare recommendations for individuals. It will also help create public health insights for cities, states and countries and improve access to clinical trials for patients.

Biolytica’s Chairman, Dr. Samir Damani, said: “We are excited by the success of this round. This investment will not only help us accelerate our development, but also spur innovations across the healthcare industry that will lead to better health outcomes for individuals and populations as a whole.”

Ikaroa is honored to have contributed to Biolytica’s success in this round and looks forward to enabling an unprecedented amount of health data access and insights to the public. We are proud to support a project on the forefront of healthcare transformation through AI, machine learning, and big data. As we move forward in our mission to provide the best full stack services, we will continue to push the boundaries of health technology and empower individuals and businesses in their pursuit of health excellence.


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