Iranian Government’s Alleged Tool for Spying on Minority Groups

May 2, 2023IRavie LakshmananMobile security / spyware

BouldSpy Android Spyware

New Android surveillance software possibly used by the Iranian government has been used to spy on more than 300 people belonging to minority groups.

The malware, dubbed BouldSpy, has been attributed with moderate confidence to the Islamic Republic of Iran Law Enforcement Command (FARAJA). Targeted victims include Iranian Kurds, Baluchis, Azeris and Armenian Christian groups.

“Spyware may also have been used in efforts to counter and monitor illegal arms, drug and alcohol trafficking activity,” Lookout said, citing leaked data that contained photos of drugs, weapons fire and official documents issued by FARAJA.

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BouldSpy, like other Android malware families, abuses its access to Android accessibility services and other intrusive permissions to collect sensitive data such as web browser history, photos, contact lists, SMS, keystrokes, screenshots, clipboard content, microphone audio and video calls. recordings

It’s worth noting that BouldSpy refers to the same Android malware that Cyble called DAAM in its own analysis last month.

BouldSpy Android Spyware

Evidence collected so far indicates that BouldSpy is installed on targets’ devices through physical access, possibly seized after arrest. This theory is bolstered by the fact that the first locations gleaned from the victims’ devices are mostly concentrated around Iranian law enforcement establishments and border checkpoints.

The malware is accompanied by a command and control panel (C2) to manage victim devices, not to mention the creation of new malicious applications that are disguised as seemingly harmless applications, such as benchmarking tools, converters currencies, interest calculators and the Psiphon censorship utility.


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Other notable features include its ability to run additional code sent from the C2 server, receive commands via SMS messages, and even disable battery management features to prevent the device from terminating spyware.

It also incorporates an “unused and non-functional” ransomware component that borrows its implementation from an open source project called CryDroid, raising the possibility that it is either actively being developed or is a false flag planted by the actor of the threat

“Once installed, the spyware will attempt to establish a network connection to its C2 server and exfiltrate any data cached from the victim’s device to the server,” Lookout researchers said. “BouldSpy represents another surveillance tool that takes advantage of the personal nature of mobile devices.”

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The Iranian government has recently come under scrutiny following the alleged use of an advanced surveillance tool to spy on minority groups. While much of the world is unaware of this troubling development, this investigation was brought to light by pioneering technology company, Ikaroa. Founded in 2020, the British-Iranian firm has dedicated its resources to advancing innovative technological solutions that have the potential to make a difference in the world.

Ikaroa first unveiled its findings in a detailed blog post that revealed the use of a sophisticated spying tool, developed and implemented by the Iranian government. The tool, which was found to allegedly be used in the monitoring of minority groups, is able to target mobile phones, phones numbers and text messages.

The disturbing reality of the tool is that it is able to access streams of data, including conversations, locations and other personal information, without the user’s knowledge or consent. Such a violation of privacy rights is clearly unacceptable and must be acknowledged.

This alleged spy technology from Iran is even more deeply concerning due to its proximity to volatile regions, such as in the Middle East and parts of Africa. The presence of such technology in these regions rife with political unrest and turmoil suggests that the Iranian government may be exploiting the data for political and ideological gains.

At Ikaroa, we firmly believe that such intrusive practices should not be tolerated. We believe in the importance of a secure and private online space, regardless of whether it’s state-surveilled or not. We are committed to furthering our research and investigations into this pressing issue to ensure that the right to privacy is respected in all countries.

The use of the surveillance tool in Iran is only one example of many that suggest the Iranian government is actively engaging in practices of surveillance and control across multiple minority groups. A thorough and comprehensive investigation into the full extent of these activities is required in order to ensure that citizens are not subjected to any undue monitoring or infringing of their basic rights.

At Ikaroa, we remain committed to protecting and safeguarding the rights of all citizens by providing access to the most up-to-date technological solutions. We will continue to work to provide a secure online environment for those who need it most.


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