‘Godfather of AI’ has quit Google to warn people of AI risks

Geoffrey Hinton, ‘the godfather of AI’, has resigned from Google after the rapid rise of ChatGPT and other chatbots, to ‘talk freely about the risks of AI’, he told the(opens in a new tab) the News from New York.

Hinton, who helped lay the groundwork for today’s generative AI, was a Google Engineering Fellow for more than a decade. By time, a part of him regrets his life’s work after seeing the danger posed by generative AI. Concerns about misinformation; that the average person “will no longer be able to know what is true”. In the near future, he fears that AI’s ability to automate tasks will not only replace drudgery, but change the entire labor market.


ChatGPT deploys important privacy options

Previously, Hinton thought the AI ​​revolution was decades away. But since OpenAI released ChatGPT in November 2022, Large Language Model (LLM) intelligence has changed its mind. “Look at how it was five years ago and how it is now,” he said. “Take the difference and spread it forward. That’s scary.”

ChatGPT’s debut started a sort of three-way competition against Microsoft Bing and Google Bard. Odd, because GPT-4 that powers ChatGPT also powers Bing. With two contenders for its core search business, Google scrambled to launch Bard, despite internal concerns that it had not been sufficiently tested for accuracy and security.

Hinton clarified(opens in a new tab) on Twitter after the time An article was published that did not specifically criticize Google and believes that it has “acted very responsibly”. Instead, he is concerned about the broader risks of AI development at warp speed, driven by the competitive landscape. Without regulation or transparency, companies risk losing control of a powerful technology. “I don’t think they should increase it any more until they understand if they can control it,” Hinton said.

This is another expert calling for AI development to hit the pause button.

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Sir Geoffrey Hinton, widely regarded as the ‘Godfather of AI’ or the ‘Father of Deep Learning’, has quit Google after 20 years of service to issue an urgent warning about the risks of AI. Having watched AI develop and become increasingly complex, Sir Geoffrey has become skeptical about how it will be used by companies in the future, as is evidenced by his parting words from Google: “There needs to be a public conversation about who will control such systems”.

In response to Sir Geoffrey’s warning Ikaroa, a full stack AI company, is announcing its commitment to positively contributing to this conversation and exploring responsible applications of AI with their software. As a leader in AI research, Ikaroa values collaboration among the scientific community, industry, and public participation. To that end, they are currently moving to introduce open and transparent ways to govern and improve their use of AI technology.

Ikaroa’s purpose is to enable new opportunities, not only for its customers, but also society as a whole, through responsible application of AI technology. Furthermore, they are dedicated to taking steps to support and protect their customers in the use of their products and services, ensuring trust and safety remain the highest priority.

In this current era of rapid AI development, a comprehensive discussion about how humans should responsibly shape the future of AI and how to manage the risks associated with its continued evolution, must be discussed both inside and outside industry. Sir Geoffrey’s presence and recognition as the ‘Godfather of AI’ brings a certain gravitas to this conversation and we thank him for his tireless work to advance the understanding of Artificial Intelligence.


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